Friday, October 17, 2014

Literal translation...Rooster's Beak

I really like to cook. I find myself constantly searching for new recipes even though I have a billion already. (Trust me, I still have plenty of the old stand-bys that never are discarded.) If I want to try something new that is guaranteed to be delicious, I usually go to the pioneer woman. She never steers me wrong. I saw this recipe for Loaded Nachos the other day and I knew it needed to happen in my life...pronto.

And you know it was fantastic if I had to take a picture. Now here is a man who is about to get into some nachos.

The thing that made it sing was the homemade pico de gallo, and maybe the fresh avocado, and maybe the super tasty beefy bean mixture. Okay, let's go with the pico de gallo. Can you believe I have never made it before?? I feel like I have found a secret that everyone knew about except me. It was the best topping for the nachos. And then I ate it on quesadillas until it was gone. Yum!

In other food news, we had the annual school carnival. I am required to bring baked goods for each of the children. Ha ha, these count right? I had to bake them...

Even if they aren't my favorite flavor of deliciousness, (I would gladly eat a cookie over a sucker any day) they were a hit with the chillins.

The carnival was the usual brand of craziness. Children everywhere...specifically our children everywhere. I think we ran into one or the other at least every 11.4 minutes. Next year I am thinking we drop the kids off and then Tyler and I go out and eat some real food. (I kid...mostly.)

We managed to reunite for dinner. Look at our happy group.

Then we scattered again and rounded up troops once more at the end. Some kidlets looked a tad different, but I am liking their style. (Especially Daisy who got that spider just for me.)

The girl in the center below is Robyn's bestie, Mo Mo. She is a sweetie. We love having her come over. It is always an added bonus when your kids have good friends.

Another carnival under our belts. Weird to think that next year, four of the girls will be going to the same school.

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