Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Tooth Fairy's Biggest Fan

Of all the kids (so far) Ivory has been the most inquisitive when it comes to the tooth fairy. She leaves a note for the tooth fairy every time she loses a tooth and asks questions and gives coloring pages to the tooth fairy. I'm not sure exactly what info she has extracted from the tooth fairy, but I do know that the shy flyer confessed her name is Enamella (pronounced like Pamela).

Ivory has had a wiggly tooth for a while. She told me it was about to come out....for four months now. I'm actually quite relieved to finally see it exit the mouth that has proclaimed its exodus for so long.

True to form, Ivory made a note for the tooth fairy.

I'm glad she didn't go over the top. (Speaking of top, how is she ever going to top this?)

I know it is a little hard to read, so let me translate:

Dear tooth fairy. Enemella, 

Thank you for being my tooth fairy. Do you have a miniture tooth brush so you can keep my baby teeth I give you clean? You are Faboulas! It should be a fact. What color of dress do you wear? Is it your favorite color? Do you like to read. 

From, Ivory

p.s. Can you give me prizes sometimes instead of money?
p.s.s. What is your favorite book.
p.s.s.s. Do you have teeth? Do you have a tooth fairy?

Shall we get a close up of that fabulous fairy?

Ha ha. The funniest part is that I didn't notice that Tyler had put Ivory's tooth on the fairy's hand until I was editing the picture.

Ivory has only lost three teeth. With this intense interview process, we should know a lot more about Enamella by the time Ivory has her adult set of chompers.

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meganmushrat said...

For heavens sake, don't tell Ivory about the time I got mad at Grandma and pulled out four of my teeth. It was a great day for the tooth fairy!