Wednesday, October 1, 2014

In All Her Official Glory

All birthdays are special, but some seem more of a milestone than others. Someone around here just turned twelve. TWELVE!! Where did this baby go?

She is growing up. I love it. And some days it kinda kills me. She had a great day. Pearl and I brought her balloons at school. Conveniently, we ran into her class coming out of the library. I sent my official deliverer in.

And then I got a picture on the way out.

There were such cute fall balloons this year that I went with that theme. Luckily, June loved them. One in particular. There is a special bond between a girl and her owl balloon. She named her Maple Blossom Leaflet.

Odd story about balloons. You all know that I get balloons for my kids each birthday. June kept her balloons from last year. Even when they deflated. Even when her mother tried to throw them away multiple times. She kept them in a corner of her room and defended them to the last. I think she wanted to say that she had those balloons for a WHOLE year. And when the year was officially over, she popped them with gusto. (Really weird, if you ask me.)

Twelve is a special age in our church. She is now in Young Women's and she got a temple recommend so she can do baptisms for the dead. It was awesome to go with her for the first time and see what a stellar young lady she is becoming.

In the evening, we came home to make dinner and open gifts. Gotta love money. Thanks Grandma Cazier.

There was a bit of the crazed paper ripping. (Watch for the bows on her face. They keep multiplying.)

A new water bottle for school. 

One of the coolest gifts was a family history book from Grandma Dargan. It was amazing to look through it and see pictures of so many ancestors. (We stayed up late looking through it. Incredible. Thanks Mom!)

June saved the biggest gift for last. Robyn could barely carry it. (Just kidding, it wasn't that heavy, but she is doing a great job pretending it is difficult to lift.)

Love this look of surprise and astonishment.

What was it? Her very own pudgy. (That is what we call backrests.)

June requested pie instead of cake. And I unabashedly bought a pie. (Some days that is just the way it goes. Triple Berry. Thank you Village Inn.)

Twelve candles are a bit trickier to blow out all at once.

We served it with some delish ice cream. Robyn literally served her, with a bow and everything.

You may see the remnants of dinner on the table. June asked for lemon shrimp but she also wanted mashed potatoes. I've never made the two together, but I am willing to make special exceptions for the birthday girl. However, now I will never make the two apart. Apparently the lemon butter sauce left under the shrimp makes the most outstanding sauce to drizzle on spuds. I drool just thinking about it. Super yum.

June wasn't finished with the day yet. One last big twelve year old step. 

Yep, ear piercing. (Twelve is my designated age for earrings. I figure she can take care of her ears nicely at this age.) One done. No going back now, unless you want only one earring.

She was such a trooper. She didn't even wince. I like her choice of earrings, and I hope she does too since she will be wearing them for 6-8 weeks.

Finally back home and to bed. June likes to wait for her official birth time, which is 9:20 pm. (She was my only evening baby.)

I can't say enough about how much I love this girl. She is so intelligent and funny. She is great company. She is responsible, and dedicated. She is kind and thoughtful. She is spiritual and insightful. I just want to crush her in a hug.

Happy Birthday June!!

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meganmushrat said...

Hard to believe that she has gotten so old, but then it's equally hard to believe that Tim is 17 1/2! I think Young Women have just gotten a priceless asset.