Sunday, January 18, 2015

Gone With the Old, in With the New

I have a list of posts that need some TLC pronto. (Not the least of which is my birthday post.) However, I figured there was a certain post that should come before them all and actually bring a little clarity to each.

The haircutting post. A few of us decided that it was time for a change of length. My hair had gotten particularly long, as well as Robyn's, and Daisy just prefers a bob. So we gathered our locks and took them to a friend to be chopped.

(I should mention that several kids reminded me that I needed to take a BEFORE and AFTER photo. This did nothing to help my extreme forgetfulness. But we got something and that is better than nothing.)

Here is Daisy BEFORE:


I was up to the chopping block next. But I only remembered to take a picture AFTER:

Then Robyn, who somehow only managed to get a picture DURING: (strange)

The upside of this post is that it might be easier to place future posts chronologically. If hair is long, it was from last month. Shorter hair, current events. Use it as a guide, or ignore it completely as Tyler does. I'm pretty sure if I hadn't told him I cut my hair, he wouldn't have noticed. With the kids, he just complimented all five on their hair because he wasn't really sure who looked different. (Poor guy. And being a designer, he really does have an eye for detail. Just not all detail apparently.)

I'm going to make a list of future posts to increase motivation. This is what you have to look forward to:
*Scoresby Christmas Party
*June's Monster
* Sangria
*Fotofly 2014
*Christmas with the K's
*Reflections Wrap up
*Phone Dump
*Maleen's Birthday

Hmm...if I really get to it, I could be caught up in almost a week.

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meganmushrat said...

Per your kids request I haven't had my hair cut since they saw me last July. It is pretty long (for me) and I am getting it chopped off next Monday. I did take a picture (or rather I had Dad take a picture) and it isn't great, but it's acceptable. Tis the season (both Dad and Tim got haircuts today, and Miranda is getting one at the same time as me next week).