Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome New Year

Hello January.

Hello 2015.

As I wrote the date on a check today (yes, I still use antiquated checks but only because Winco does not accept credit cards) I was amazed at how time just keeps on moving.

I looked at June's calendar as I put her to bed. She started marking off stuff and making goals on her calendar last January, and her calendar was chalk full. CHALK FULL! I don't think there was one little square that didn't have some writing in it. (I should really take a picture because I thought it was amazing.) One full year of all her little activities and prayers and teeth brushing.

One more year gone.

One more year gained.

I should probably not write blog posts while watching Parenthood. It makes me a little more sentimental and ponderous.

And that is not even what I came here to write about. Let's get down to business.

January is a wonderful month because I was born this month. (Although that really gets less exciting each year.) But this is also the month where I catch up on all those Christmas/December posts that I didn't get to during all the chaos that was Christmas/December.

It doesn't feel very new years-ie, but it needs to happen because that is how it works. At least, that is how I work.

So hum a few bars of O Holy Night and come back with me to the beginning of December in which Robyn was involved in a few concerts.

Her choir went and sang at the local library first. It was fun to go watch them although I was sitting behind a column so I had to lean very far to one side to see her and the best part was getting up to go take pictures from a different spot.

No, I take that back. The best part was watching Robyn sing and enjoy it so much.

The actual school concert was really fun too. All the kids did such a great job, but I really only have eyes for one gal.

This evening was special because Robyn got to sing a solo. She was so excited about it. I had asked her a few times about nerves and I loved her response, "Mom, I'm not nervous, because no matter how I do, I know that at the end, everyone will clap."

I asked her if her teacher had given her that wonderful advice, and she told me that she thought of it herself. Pretty smart kid. And I even caught her performance and put it on here all by myself. (Without Tyler's help this time. Which may be why it took me to the new year.)

I really like the woman who runs the show. She picks unique songs and fun arrangements. The concert was great!

Here is Mrs. T and her amazing pianist, Becca. They are incredible. They volunteer to keep the program running. Granted, all the kids pay to be in choir, but still....lots of hard work. I appreciate them a bundle.

And giving confidence to kids and letting them explore new avenues is a wonderful thing. Check out that smile.

One more picture because I can't get enough of my cute girlies.

The evening ended with snacks which made everyone happy.

Stay tuned for more old Christmas posts with a smattering of new year's posts included.


meganmushrat said...

Dad and I enjoyed listening to Robyn's solo. It is such a catchy tune, and she did a great job with it. Welcome 2015!

Scott and Svetlana said...

Wow, what a talent, Robyn! Way to go and really clever just like mom and dad :)