Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ward Frivolities

First I would like to say how nice it was to NOT be in charge of the Christmas party in any way this year. That meant I could spend all the time with my family instead of running around. (I do realize that someone else was running around, but I feel good that we take turns with these types of responsibilities.)

We had a breakfast again this year versus a dinner, which is often the tradition. (I like the breakfast more. Less likely to have a scheduling conflict and I like breakfast food.) There was fruit, cinnamon rolls, and an awesome hot chocolate bar.

I think the party was 'Elf' themed, but only one room (out of 4) seemed to have 'Elf' activities. But we got there last. First we went to a story-telling room. You could take off your shoes and pick a spot on the blanket.

Or stay in the chairs. (That was my option. When did I get old and sitting on the floor become no fun anymore?)

The second room was a 'Name that Tune' room. Bro. Miller would play a few notes on the piano and we would guess the carol. My kids are really good at this.

In the third area we performed the 'Nativity' with sock puppets. We had a lot of kids in our group so this was fun to watch. Robyn did a fabulous innkeeper with a French accent.

Here the angel came to the shepherds and their adorable sheep.

Pearl was really into the production.

Ivory was Joseph? A shepherd? A sock? One of those.

The last area was the 'Elf' themed room. (As mentioned before.) We made paper snowballs and had a snowball fight. We (meaning not ME at all) ate spaghetti with syrup. (Yuck, and double yuck.) And we whispered silly phrases in each others' ears. (Basically telephone, but with so many kids, it didn't work so well.)

Here are the kids jumping into the leftover 'snow.'

Bro. Turner in our ward made an awesome video of the events. Short, but sweet and I think you can find some Cazier's in it. Click Here.

He does a lot of video work. In fact, he did a video for our local rec center recently. Check it out. Extra props if you can find me in it. (Hint: You may not recognize my morning self with no makeup. Look for a blue shirt, black pants, and pink shoes. Good luck. You can only see me for split seconds.)

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