Monday, January 12, 2015

Resolutions 2015

I really do love the new year for looking back and seeing what I could have improved upon and looking forward to see what I can stretch in myself.

To be clear, don't look back too long. Just long enough to do yourself good without over-inflating your ego, or squashing it flat. (Depending on how your year went.)

Since this is my blog, I am happy to out myself in failed attempts, etc. However, as for the family, you will have to guess how they did. Here are the goals from last year.

No one did perfectly, unless you count Pearl, who did indeed, learn to say the 'k' sound. But everyone accomplished something on their list. And I think that is terrific.

I'll do a break down of my goals and my ambitious 2014. (Okay, it wasn't really that ambitious, but every year as the kids get older, it seems harder to get anything done.)

Maleen's 2014 Goals

Personal: Make bread once a month (or more)
PASS - I started off well and tried out different breads, but then I got into a rut of making a delicious white bread. (Can you call it a rut when everyone is extremely pleased every time bread is ready?) I got pretty good at white bread and kind of stuck to that most of the year. (Once again, no complaints from the family.) Oh, and I even took pictures. Check it out.

This was an early experiment in mini Herb de Provence loaves. (Kids did NOT appreciate these.)

Everyone liked the cinnamon raisin bread.

Speaking of over-inflated...some of my early white bread attempts were.

But I got it down pat.

I think there were other breads along the way, but they don't get any recognition.

Relationships: Send birthday cards to family
PASS - I sent cards to everyone. (And most of them on time.)

Spiritual: Read Book of Mormon and one commentary
PASS (mostly) - I read the Book of Mormon and loved it as always. And I read a commentary with it up until about April, when I couldn't stand it any longer. It was just too much. If I want to know more detail about a certain scripture, I can look it up, but HAVING to go into depth on everything took away some of the natural revelation and inspiration that comes from reading. Lesson learned.

Financial: Plan personal budget, stick to it each month
FAIL - I think I stuck to my budget most of the year, but one would need to have records to be sure. I have records through...oh, October. (Better than I thought.) I was in the black 8 out of ten months. But it wasn't the right system. Look for another attempt in my 2015 goals.

Home: Grow Herbs (Oregano? Basil?)
TOTAL FAIL - Not an herb in sight. Nuf sed.

Not too bad, right?

Let's see what I have in my basket this year.

Stock Something Emergency Preparedness each month
Voice-record receipts to track spenditures 
Finish spider crosstitch – On Sunday afternoons
Read 50% of the Ensign each month

Don't touch the phone while driving

What else made it onto the Cazier list?

1. Weigh 165 by Dec. 1
2. Leave nothing unsaid.
3. Make a Unity 3D animation 60-seconds by Dec. 1
4. Complete 1 major house thing. --Probably electrical

Personal Progress – Start two values each month, finish Good Works project this year
Nails – Paint my nails 1st of every month
Book Club – Start a book group this summer to keep friends close

1. Spend more time with friends in the summer. (5xs)
2. Teach Moxy a trick.
3. Save my money and don't spend too much.
4. Beat mom or dad at ping pong.
5. Make two small comics to share with family.

Spiritual: Bear testimony each month
Personal: Standing back hand spring
Financial: I want to not spend any money every other month. Possibly work for extra money.

Have my side of the room clean once a week.
Eat some dinner every night.
Try to say please every time I ask for stuff.

1. Brush teeth daily.
2. Daily Personal Prayer.

I think all of these are worthy goals. No pictures this year, because we found that taking pictures and putting them on the wall did nothing to remind anyone about their goals. So this year, we will review goals monthly. That seems a better way to keep them current.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, Robyn already checked off one of her goals. She beat me at ping pong last week. (It was during a moment of weakness. She hasn't beaten me again since.)

Hope you found something to strive toward to make your 2015 worthwhile.


meganmushrat said...

Sounds a lot more interesting than our goals (one of mine is to clean the toilets once a week). I still love the goal that Tim made last year - to cut down to only four meals a day. I'm not sure he made it, but it was hilarious to think about it.

Scott and Svetlana said...

I love reading your posts about goals, always inspire me to make my own. I really should do it because feels like life without goal is not really a life just some sort of existence.
Loved the bread goal, looks awesome. We eat only homemade bread in our home for 2 reasons: 1) really like the smell of freshly baked bread in our home, 2) could not find bread that taste like it suppose to be not too sweet not too sour not too mushy and doesn't cost a fortune... Or maybe I"m too cheap, but bread I make remind me of Russian bread from my childhood.