Thursday, October 22, 2015


Everyone likes to look nice, right? Or at least not hideous. I have a house full of girls and most of them have a healthy self-esteem. My girls can go out wearing pretty crazy outfits that they deem fashionable. And who am I to say otherwise? After all, trends have to be started by someone.

But we all like a change now and then. I dyed the ends of my I get it. Pearl may have been looking for a change of pace. Or maybe she was just doing a kindergarten ritual. Either way, I got a frantic call from her teacher one afternoon, just as I was picking Pearl up from the bus stop.

Pearl had cut her hair and then, because she figured she was in trouble (which she probably was) she wouldn't talk about it. The teacher wanted me to know about the situation and was curious why Pearl had cut her hair. Luckily, this isn't my first child who has cut her hair, and I wasn't mad in the least. I sat and giggled with Pearl and we talked about this and that and I asked her about her new haircut that she gave herself. (A really MINOR haircut if you ask me.)

She said that she and a friend both decided to cut their hair. (Makes sense.) I emailed her teacher so she could check out the other girls' hair the following day. Then I took a good look at Pearl. She had only cut a few strands on the side. Can you see those couple strands that are half the length of the others?

I asked her if she was interested in shorter hair and she thought that would be great. So I called up Kellie and she got us in that afternoon. (Yes, I know that I often cut the girls hair. I just wasn't in the mood this time.) I got a before picture of my blondilocks.

And she is just as cute as can be with the shorter do.

* There was no noticeable difference on the other girl, so Mia probably only cut a few strands if any.
**Pearl's teacher was very worried that I would be furious about the whole thing. Weird. Do I come across as a crazy mom that expects a kindergarten teacher to watch my child every minute she is there? Hopefully she will figure out that, Pearl being my fifth child, you are going to have to try harder than that to get me worked up about something.

In other beauty news, I put a face mask in our home 'store.' Ivory purchased it and was very excited to try it out. She wouldn't use it until we had cucumbers on hand so we could make it seem more spa authentic.

Ivory relaxed on the couch while her face dried, and Robyn took the kids through some simple yoga movements and told them stories. She has a gift for keeping people's attention.

Finally after a riveting story of destruction in a forest (in which the main characters were birds, but somehow I didn't know that until the end) Ivory's face was dry and hard. When she crinkled her forehead you could see all the individual lines.

It was time to peel. I just watched and took pictures as her face came off. I wonder if a face mask would work well for Zombie makeup?

Eventually she was back to her normal Ivory self, with a cleaner healthier face. I might have to buy more than the one application next time.

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