Friday, October 30, 2015

June's 13 Year Gallery

So, about the teenager. She is great. As teenagers go, she hasn't given me any trouble yet. She is less emotional than some of her younger sisters. (I won't name names.) I understand that there are many years to go in this teenager business, but I will enjoy my funny, responsible girl in this moment.

June is wonderful. She is very helpful and wants to be found doing the right thing. She works hard and dedicates herself to getting things done well. Like her mother, she almost rushes into projects too quickly because she gets excited to start something.

She is really funny. And she laughs at all my good jokes. (That is important. It means she has good taste.) She is super creative and I love to see her ideas in action. She has good friends and is confident in herself.

If I had to say something bad about June, it would be that she teases her sisters a little too much. I think sometimes she forgets that she isn't a second mom. And whereas, I can get away with tormenting the children, they don't always accept it from their older sister. But it is always done in love, even if it ends in tears. Her sisters still adore her most of the time.

It is hard not to love June and forgive her quickly since she is sincere in her remorse and kindness. I think she is a pretty fabulous person. I love to see the lovely young woman she is growing into. Enjoy some pictures of June.

We took our pictures on BYU campus, since I was remembering how lovely it was when I dropped off June and Hannah for Octubafest. So when we finished pictures, we treated ourselves to some candy from the BYU bookstore. Yum. June couldn't decide so she got fruity and chocolate.