Sunday, October 4, 2015

Spirit Week and a Carnival

I don't like being behind on blogging because I feel this weird compulsion to write things in order. So even though we had General Conference today and it was thoroughly enjoyable with much stitching an spiritual enlightenment, I realize there are many things that need to be written about first.

I also understand that once these posts are in book form, that it doesn't much matter when they were posted. If Halloween isn't posted until after black Friday, no one cares as long as it is still in order. Hence why I must try to maintain some semblance of order for my sanity.

So...General Conference will get its turn, but today I am going to write about Spirit Week and the School Carnival.

Spirit week changes every year. I think the sixth grade student council gets to help decide what the themes will be. There has been 'crazy hair day' and 'hat day'. You never quite know what is coming. I try to support all of them, but sometimes we just don't have what it takes. If any of the days are centered around sports, we are lacking in this house. Not a jersey to be seen. (It is what it is.)

This Spirit Week themes were:

Monday - Wear your house colors
Tuesday - Twin day
Wednesday - Sports day
Thursday - Dress as your favorite book character
Friday - Wear red from head to toe

Monday: The houses are like Harry Potter, but they are all Viking names. Robyn and Ivory both were assigned their house and got Modigeero (enjoy trying to pronounce that. They wear red.) The lower grades are all in one house together. They don't chose individual houses until fourth grade. Daisy's grade is Nysgerrige (seriously, viking names are crazy. It has taken me three years to get them right. They wear blue.) Pearl is Haverdirne. (They wear yellow.) I actually got everyone out the door wearing the correct color.

Tuesday: Twin day ended up being bitter sweet. Some irate parent got online and bashed 'twin day' from top to bottom. Lots of stuff about kids not feeling included and the school not being considerate of students without siblings or best friends. It was so much drama. I basically disagreed with everything they said. As if life is going to cater to all our kids needs. Buck up little ones. My child has come home crying about stuff before and I don't go ask for the school to change things. Work on your child and helping them come to grips with real life. For Pete's sake. (Phew, enough of my soap box.)

Ivory and Daisy are mistaken for each other all the time anyway, so it was a no brainer that they would go as twins. They switched jackets, backpacks, and glasses to fool friends.

That left Robyn and Pearl who made their own twin outfit. I like their 'frozen treat' shirts.

Wednesday: The sports day previously mentioned that leaves us blank. Ivory wore her gymnastics leotard, Daisy donned some ballerina clothes, and Robyn put on an Orem Owl's hat. I was subbing at the library that day and put on some runner's clothes. I finished with a runner's bib with a number on it. While I was at it, I pinned one to Pearl as well, since I didn't know what else to dress her in. Most of the kids who came to the library didn't make the connection. A lot of them asked if I had come from a race. I told them it was my 'sports' attire. Oh well. At least the teachers got it.

Thursday: Dress as your favorite character day is basically digging through the Halloween costumes and seeing what fits the bill. Daisy went as Raven Queen from Ever After High.

Ivory loved this dress we have. It is deceptive because it could be Elsa or Cinderella. She decided she was Marigold from Cinderellis and the Glass Hill. You can imagine that no one guessed correctly who she was.

Robyn used our Hermione costume. She looked very cute.

I was subbing one more day for Mrs. Giles so I dressed up as Wenda from Where's Waldo. Most kids thought I was from the Cat in the Hat. That is understandable.

Don't judge, but I was too rushed to throw Pearl in a costume. She just went plain Jane and that is okay.

Friday: I didn't even glance at kids as they left the house Friday morning. I was in the midst of getting things ready for the Carnival that evening and packing everyone up so we could drive to Idaho right afterward. I just hoped that they remembered to wear red. Most of them did.

The evening Carnival was really fun, although chaotic as usual. The younger kids were instructed to bring a dozen items for the bake sale. I went for Jolly Rancher suckers again because they are so easy and popular. Sure enough, they went very quickly.

The sixth graders are asked to make a cake which is auctioned off to make more money for the school. I wish I had taken pictures of some of the amazing cakes. This year, students went all out. It was awesome. Robyn had a fun idea to make cake bites instead of a whole cake. Since we can't do anything seriously, we came up with this container for them.

 The sign says, VIKING CLEAN UP CREW. Est. 750 A.D. *We do the deeds that no one wants to do*

It was a hit. We had several bids on it and it sold immediately when they called "time." A girl bought it for $15.10. I didn't even have a chance to bid on it. (I was planning on taking it to Idaho and snacking along the way. Oh well. The best laid plans...yada yada.)

The girls were given tickets and set free. Tyler and I actually arrived later because we had to drop off his Grom for repairs. (He had a slide on a dirt trail and broke a taillight and the license plate fell off.) By the time we returned, the kids had put their tickets to good use. They had treats and cute faces.

We didn't stay terribly long. Just enough time to get everyone sugared up for the ride. Gotta love carnivals and face painting and spirit weeks. Go school!!

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