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I'm always looking for a fun birthday party idea that won't break the bank. Last year when June did her Culinary Competition, we had a blast. This year, an idea popped into my head and I told June about it, but then kept looking for other options. When it came down to crunch time, she said she thought my original idea sounded like a lot of fun. So we went for it.

Here is the basic idea: It is a fashion night. Girls come and are put on teams. Then each team is supplied ten dollars and given an item to purchase for June. Then June is dressed up in her completed ensemble, prizes are given, treats eaten, etc.

But let's start with an opening activity. We ended up calling it 'Scream!' Get all participants in a circle. Everyone looks down and on the count of three, everyone looks up at a different specific person. If it happens that the person you are looking at, is also looking at you, you scream and sit down. (You are out of the round.) Here is everyone looking at a different person. You may even be able to see June screaming. She was not so lucky. (I think she was looking at Hannah who was looking at her, so they were both out that round.)

The funniest one was Daisy, Missy, and Lydia. They ended up being the last three standing in one round and they kept missing each other. It took them five tries to knock it down to one person.

Once everyone arrived, we were off to Savers, a local discount store. (Discount is key when you only have $10 per team.) Here are the official teams and their designated items.

TEAM 4: Your mission is to find an 'accessory' for June. It can be anything to add a little color or bling. Scarf, necklace, hat, gloves, name it.

With the ten dollars, some teams were able to buy more than one item.

TEAM 3: Your mission is to find a 'covering' for June. Think sweater, hoody, shawl, wrap, jacket, etc. Something that might keep her toasty.

The store is pretty big. Tyler had his work cut out for him finding each team and getting pictures.

TEAM 2: Your mission is to find a 'top' for June. Some kind of shirt. It needs to be modest, so no sleeveless ones. Good luck.

June's job was to go around to each team. She was supposed to be giving them clues for a later activity. Also, teams were allowed to measure things against her or ask her questions about things she liked. But she had to keep her eyes closed. No peeking.

TEAM 1: Your mission is to find a 'bottom' for June. A skirt would probably be easiest, but if you are brave, you can try for shorts or a pair or pants. Be creative.

When teams had found their items, they were in charge of buying their own stuff. I was proud of the teams. Some people got really close, but no one went over the ten dollar limit.

It was quite fun watching the girls shop. There were so many fun options. I was excited to see what they would choose for June.

My girls were distributed among the teams. Pearl loves all June's friends.

Daisy borrowed Holly's jacket. She ended up pulling out the drawstring and I had to re-thread it later in the evening. She keeps things interesting.

Sarah showed up late, but it was good to have both my redheads on the scene.

There was plenty of silliness going on.

Curtis was invaluable. I'm so grateful he was free that evening. We had enough kids to fill three cars. We couldn't have transported everyone without him!

We can't forget our good looking photographer. He is priceless when I am supervising such a busy activity.

It is a little insane managing that many girls, but surprisingly, the devil mom didn't need to come out...much.

I do think management heaved a sigh of relief when our crew walked out the door. Thank you Savers. It was great doing business with you.

Back at home, my job was to dress June in her new outfit. She had to keep her eyes closed for the big reveal. The teams didn't work together, but I think they did a fantastic job coordinating regardless.

The last step was for TEAM 4 to accessorize June. They went to town on her. New earrings, socks, and a scarf.

Okay everyone. Are you ready for the new June you have created?

It was so much fun and June loved everything she got. The awards included 'Best Deal,' Fancy Nancy,' 'Most Eye Appealing,' and 'Celebrity Look.'

There was also a final award for the item June liked the most. It was hard for her to choose, but she eventually gave the prize to TEAM 2 for the shirt they picked out.

While at Savers, June was supposed to be giving out clues to go along with a quiz. She got caught up in the excitement and forgot about giving clues to all the teams. It didn't matter though. The clues were a diversion from the real test... There was only one question on the quiz. What was June wearing earlier this evening?? (We were testing their fashion observation skills.) June listed off each item she was wearing previously.

The winner of that quiz got to choose first from the party favors. We picked up a whole bunch of earrings and gave each girl a pair to take home. When I brought out the earrings, I was mobbed. Tyler got a picture from the other side. Girls crowded together.

So, we sent kids off to open presents with June and I called in girls one at a time to choose earrings. June got some fun stuff as usual. Her friends know her well.

Evelyn brought a really fun thing that I have never seen before. It was a ball maze called a Perplexus. It is a 3D labyrinth inside a sphere. It was really cool.

Meanwhile. earrings were being distributed. I took a chance on that. There were a few girls without pierced ears, but I sent them home with earrings for sisters or mothers. I think they still enjoyed picking out a pair.

No cake for June this year. She called for toffee. Yum. And we sent the girls home with Jolly Rancher suckers as well. (A Hannah request.)

It was a really delightful evening with many laughs and fun surprises. I would do this party again in a heartbeat, although I would suggest this type of party for an older audience. It seems it would be harder for younger girls to get the right sizes for a person. (Also, June is a pretty average size. It helps that most things fit her.)

The last thing June was doing that night was the Perplexus. And first thing in the morning as well. She loves a good puzzle. Happy Birthday Junie!

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meganmushrat said...

Isn't it funny how things skip generations? From what I was told, my grandmother (Granny) put on fantastic birthday parties for her kids. Me and my mother - not so much. But you are carrying on the tradition nicely. In fact, I think Granny could have gotten some ideas from you! Sounds like you all had a lot of fun (although I kept thinking Daisy was Ivory in the pictures).