Monday, October 12, 2015

Teenager Alert

June has officially entered the teenager years. I'm not sure I feel old enough to have a teenager, but it does seem right for June to be this old. She is growing up into a lovely young woman. She is responsible, funny, kind, and an example to me.

She opted for a friend party this year, so that means there were no presents from us on her birthday, but we still try to make it special. She went to school early for an orchestra rehearsal, so I didn't get any morning pictures. But I caught her right after school with her bouquet of balloons. (It was a 'B' day at school which means June has more stuff to carry, but we thought it appropriate that her b-day was on a 'B' day.)

Sadly, when we took the balloons out of the bag they were in, the largest balloon, a Jack the Pumpkin King balloon, was not tied to the string very well and his head floated away. Up, up to the very high glass ceiling. Can you see him up there?

He has been there for a couple weeks. I'm assuming he will eventually deflate and come down. I periodically ask June if Jack is still hanging out at school.

June was okay losing that balloon, because she said her favorite was the ghosty and the marble swirl one.

In the evening, we had cheesecake by request of June. I got a sampler and we cut pieces up so everyone could sample more than one. Thank you for that face Robyn.

Only three candles. Because they fit better than 13 candles. (Don't worry, we will make sure to do 16 candles when she gets there.)

We sang to the birthday girl and she basked in the glory of a day especially for her.

I think she made a wish or two...

And then she blew out the candles...all three.

Tyler photobombed her picture. He wasn't actually blowing out the candles, but when June finally noticed him, her face was pretty funny.

I pride myself when I can actually fill June up. She is a bottomless pit. By the end of dinner and dessert, I think I did her in. She was in a cheesecake coma.

But she managed to revive herself for a present. Grandma Dargan sent her a really cute owl necklace.

She also wrapped a gift in many boxes. June opened box after box. I think she is about three boxes in, in this picture.

Many boxes later (much like many moons) she found a special black box.

She was very happy with the contents. (Thanks Grandma!)

That's owl for tonight. Stay tuned for her birthday party, which was quite the event.

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meganmushrat said...

Thank you for documenting the opening of my present. I was quite pleased with myself. It looks like she had a pretty good birthday, and the cheesecake certainly looked yummy. I'll bet you skipped mint flavored ones - didn't you? What a lovely teenager June is.