Sunday, November 1, 2015

Welcome Insanity (a.k.a. November)

Dear November,

How are you doing? Hanging in there? I wonder if you have mixed feelings about yourself. You seem to be overlooked a little. There is a huge ramp up to Halloween and the minute that is over, people start touting Christmas. Have they forgotten there is a holiday in November as well? And I believe everyone could be a little more thankful. In fact, thank YOU November for reminding everyone to be a tad more grateful.

In lieu of skipping you entirely, it seems people have decided to give you some other purpose. (As if Thanksgiving and Black Friday --not a real holiday--are not enough.) Now they designate you with weird titles like National Blog Post a Day Month. Or National Novel Writing Month. Actually, I was curious, so I looked it up. You have been labeled with 47 different things. (And NaBloPoMo wasn't even on the list!!) Can I tell you my favorites?

Green and Plantains Month (What? Why?)
National Adoption Month (Take your pick...highway, child, pet, etc.)
National Marrow Awareness Month (Please think about your bones more this month)
National Pet Cancer Awareness Month (Humans, you can have the other 11 months)
Worldwide Bereaved Siblings Month (Why is there a month for this? Isn't it more of a lifetime thing?)
NoSHAVEember/Movember -- Beard Month (Poor Tyler, he can't even participate)

The list just goes on and on (Peanut Butter, Historic Bridges, International Drums, Diabetic Eye Disease, Banana Pudding, Pepper, Scholarships, Roasting...)

Something makes me think that if I looked up the other 11 months, they would have just as many ridiculous things attached to them. Now I'm scared to check.

And that is just the 'month' items. There are weekly things like Pursuit of Happiness Week or National Fig Week. Then they have you all broken down into individual days. (National Play Monopoly Day, National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, National Men Make Dinner Day.) How do you keep up? And what about the conflicting days? I believe the day after Thanksgiving is labeled as Black Friday, but also as Buy Nothing Day. (Take your pick world.)

I suddenly feel sorry for you November. You have more on your plate than I do. I'm sure you can relate to Nov. 20th -- National Absurdity day.

I have more respect for you. I think I will try to be a little more aware of the blessings of each day and that I don't have to box myself into eating pickles or reading Chicken Soup for the Soul.
I will happily spend my days blogging. That is my personal choice of how to spend my time and effort.

Enjoy the falling leaves as you usually do. And not too much early snow, okay?

Talk to you later,

p.s. November, I don't mean to be cheeky about everything. I understand that Lung Cancer and Epilepsy are serious things, but I don't think you need just one month to think about them. And I will probably never be able to support National Vegan Month. I like chicken way too much.

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meganmushrat said...

Oh my goodness - you have given me a great idea for what to put in the ward newsletter next year. Don't you think people would be interested to hear about all the weird things people have decided to celebrate?