Saturday, November 7, 2015

Spectacles Spectacle

Having four children with four eyes glasses, it is important to keep their prescriptions up to date. It also can get pricey. There are no 'cheap' places to get eye exams, but there are places to find inexpensive glasses...namely online.

We used the online option for the first time with Daisy. Over the summer she broke her glasses and the warranty on them was not optional. (Get this...they replaced the nose pieces earlier in the year and they said that negated the warranty on the entire frame. Um..what?) That was just the push I needed to explore my options online. I really liked the glasses that Daisy got. They were a little bright, but they have lasted and been great for her.

This Fall, I decided to update all kids' prescriptions, since Robyn was complaining of blurriness and I knew Ivory was also in need of new blinkers. We spent one day having all the girls go through the exams. Later that week we ordered online. Each girl sat down with me and picked out something she liked. Then we all waited patiently for two weeks while the specs were shipped.

Finally, it was like Christmas! New glasses for everyone. (Well...almost everyone.) Check out the fun styles they picked.

I have to say, girls in glasses are pretty cute.

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meganmushrat said...

If glasses are a necessity (and they certainly seem to be in our family), how wonderful that such cute ones exist. I think all the girls look great! By the way, when is Pearl getting some?