Monday, November 2, 2015

Sweet Sixteen

Happy Anniversary to Tyler and myself. You may recall that it is not our actual anniversary, but we have been celebrating in October for three years now and it was one of our better decisions.

This year, we had big plans. HUGE! We were headed to Mt. Rushmore. That was the epic plan right up until our babysitter slipped and fell, knocking herself out and lying in toxic chemicals for a good 45 minutes giving herself 2nd and 3rd degree burns up both arms. (Sheesh, the things some people will do to get out of watching our kids.)

Just kidding, Grandma Cazier obviously did not slip on purpose. She was in quite a lot of pain for a while, but having seen her just this last weekend, I can tell you that she is doing very well and her arms look wonderful. But the timing for Mt. Rushmore squelched those plans. 

So we stayed home for Fall Break and spent it with the kids. We did some fun activities that I'll blog about soon, but let's stay focused on me and Tyler for just a few more minutes. 

We did go out to take our anniversary picture. We took one last year, and we plan on keeping the picture in the picture. Like so.

There were several that didn't make the final cut, but we liked anyway. 

It is just the two of us and a tripod, so we end up with some practice pictures as we check focus and such. Don't mind some extra pictures of this handsome fellow.

The funniest picture came after we had wrapped up. We left a very shaded area and came upon a duck in the sunshine. Tyler was determined to get a stellar shot, but he forgot to change the settings so it was a little bright. I stood in the blazing sun while he took dozens of shots of this duck and none of them were good. It makes me laugh.

We didn't get out to dinner during the break, but we did manage dessert. During our outing, we planned a date for the next 12 months. Last year we focused on a different area of our marriage each month, but it got hard to keep going all month, or even to get started sometimes. We figured we can manage one date a month. We planned some fun things. I'll try to get pictures and document so we can see what we enjoyed the most during the year. Here we are enjoying our dessert. Actually, the company was much better than the dessert.

It wasn't Mt. Rushmore, but you know what? It doesn't quite matter where I am as long as Tyler is with me. I'm sure we'll get out there sometime, and maybe just take all the kids with us. 

Tyler is the best guy around. We make such a good team. Sixteen years is just the tip of the iceberg. I can't wait for all the future adventures in store for us. And I wouldn't want to have anyone else by my side.


Emma Jo said...

What a cute idea. I might just have to insist on a little photo shoot next year when we hit our big 1-6 ;)
Happy Anniversary!

meganmushrat said...

You have no idea how thrilled I am that you two have not only a workable marriage, but a happy one as well. I'm not saying this is rare, but there are certainly a lot of marriages that are not in this category. Congratulations!