Monday, November 16, 2015

Reflections 2015

Our Reflections road has come to an end early on this year, and I am completely fine with that. Ivory had her awards night a little while ago. It conflicted with gymnastics, and since I pay for gymnastics, I was THAT mom who called ahead to see if my daughter won any awards.

Ivory got an honorable mention, but didn't advance, so I had her go to gymnastics instead. It would be different if they offered a make-up class, but there is none, so I like her to get as much practice per dollar in this case. Maybe that sounds awful, but we have been to many a reflections night. I figured we could miss one.

June is in Jr. High and they didn't even have an awards night. They had an awards afternoon. A half hour at the end of the day squeezed in to highlight the students. It seemed a little rushed, but it did avoid evening conflicts.

Only the students who participated got out of class early. Hannah was there of course. She enters every category each year.

This random guy moved on in music composition. I have a picture of him because his mother's phone was out of batteries and she wanted a photo. She asked me to take a few and send them to her. I guess I must look like the friendly type who would do that sort of thing, and she is right. Although my knowledge of how to send things on phones is not the best. I just emailed her the pictures later.

As usual, the visual arts category (which June entered) is the largest. That makes me happy since I enjoy looking at all the things they draw and design. At this level, they combined 3D art along with the 2D category. That seemed less fair, but I guess they used to not allow any 3D art after the regional level. Reflections agreed to advance 3D art to higher levels if they could combine it with 2D art. Regardless, I think all the kids are being cheated out of more chances. They only accept two entries from each level. (June's level is 6-8 grade.) There was only one 3D piece submitted, and it moved on along with one 2D piece. I don't know if the judges felt they had to move the 3D piece on to be fair? 

It doesn't really matter. The 3D piece was Hannah's, and it was really cool, but there were so many fantastic art pieces that couldn't advance. I'm just glad I don't have to be the judge.

June got her participation award. I love her bird and I am happy it got to come home with us.

And she still got some fun prizes. My favorite is the ticket to see a show at the Hale Center Theater. I would enter reflections just to get one of those.

Now we can just continue to root for Hannah along her Reflections road. It must take a lot of energy to enter every category. She deserves some recognition.

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meganmushrat said...

I am so proud of your kids and the things they do for Reflections. Is Utah the only state that does this? I don't remember having Reflections here in Washington - and we certainly didn't have it when I was a kid in California. I still think June's bird is awesome, although I'm sorry you didn't take a picture of Hannah's submission.