Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Happening Halloween

Halloween week is a fun busy time. Ivory had activity days and they did face paint. I brought June along to help. (She was in heaven.) I practiced on Ivory's face so I could get it right for Halloween. Turns out the grease crayon is too blurry to do her lips. I had to use my face paints that I have had since I was a kid. I must have got that book when I was 12 or 13, and the paint is still good. (Thanks dad for buying me that kit while I sat around waiting forever for you to shop for comics.)

Ivory wanted to paint my face too. Imagine what she drew? (At least it isn't a shark on my mouth.)

I also stopped by the school for something that week and low and behold, guess who is still hanging around?

Yep, Jack. He has been up there for a month now. Impressive.

The day before Halloween (or as I like to call it, Halloween Eve) was the big day at school. We were all up early getting people in costume. Robyn was ready to go. (Hmm...I forgot her pearls for the photo shoot.)

Ivory looks happy to be going to school. (Don't worry, she is just trying to stay in character.)

You still get to dress up in Jr. High, although I'm sure some of the kids choose not to. When is it NOT cool to dress up anymore? Doesn't matter...no humbugs in this family.

Even I was dressed up first thing in the morning to go over to Tyler's work. He said his costume would make more sense with me around. I was one busy bee getting ready. Luckily I painted my nails the night bee-fore.

June got a picture for us before we left.

All day Tyler was asked why he was wearing a hazmat suit. And then people would look again and exclaim that it wasn't a very good hazmat suit, what with the mesh around his head. That wasn't going to keep out anything. (True...probably it will only keep out bees.)

I went over to the school bright and early because the sixth grade was putting on a Fall Festival for the lower grades. There were a ton of activities. They had the tradition boxes that you put your hand in to feel strange things. Robyn wasn't in charge of this activity, but she was asked to make the boxes because she is creative. She did a cute job. I loved the eyeballs and skeleton.

Robyn chose to read stories to kids that were patient enough to slow down for a minute, but there was so much chaos, she didn't have many takers. It was pretty chilly too, so it was important to keep moving. I like my mermaid in her bathrobe keeping warm.

Then there was the school parade. I made sure to find all my girls in the crowd.

Now, skip over to Saturday. We did our photo shoot in the afternoon and the evening brought Trunk-or-Treat and regular Trick-or-Treating. Daisy found her mask in her shoe after pictures. (Why didn't I think to look there?) It looks like everyone is ready to go.

This picture makes me laugh. I was taking a selfie and Robyn photobombed it with her hand, although from the angle, it looks like my hand. (Although if you look closely, it is the wrong hand.)

We didn't bring our car this year. We brought the Grom. It has a much smaller trunk, so less to decorate. :) And it was fun to get rides to and from the church.

This is the first year that I went Trick-or-Treating with the kids. I was a little late catching up since I had to do dishes and clean up the house a bit so we would be ready to leave for Idaho right after coming back. J.R. and Jami were blessing Henlee the next morning so we had to drive up to Idaho in the evening. But the kids made it to almost all the houses they normally do. It was fun to be out there with them. And I don't really need to stay home since our candy was mostly gone after Trunk-or-Treat anyway.

It was a really fun evening. We had one proposal, with a ring (pop) and everything. But we decided he was a little too old for Ivory.

The kids came home with more candy than they knew what to do with. But the trading and organizing of candy is also a tradition. Some was eaten, some was exchanged for tokens, and most was saved for another day of sugar highs.

Then we jumped in the car and traveled to Idaho. I sang to my tunes while everyone slept. I only got sleepy once, but fortunately I had a full size snickers stashed away in my pocket. See? Candy is useful sometimes.

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meganmushrat said...

Ah the memories of bringing home a sack absolutely stuffed with goodies, and then sitting down to sort through everything. Now Halloween means getting deals on leftover candy at the store the next day!