Saturday, November 14, 2015

My Mother, the Author

My mother is an amazing creative. I have mentioned this before. She can invent poems at the drop of a hat. She writes all sorts of things...plays, songs, limericks, activities, short stories, and now we can add books to the list.

As of this month, she is officially published. Three years ago, we were all sitting around on Grandma's bed listening to her fun fairy stories, and today we have a book! It has been a bit of a process for her to get all her ducks in a line. Plus, add to that the incredible illustrator she found in Lithuania. Put it all together, with some cash and a lot of patience, and the end result is fantastic.

Go check out her website...

She is even on Amazon. How cool is that??

The kids were over the moon when our copy arrived at the house. (Thanks mom for sending one.) They did not know there were illustrations so there was a flurry of children flipping through the book to see all the cool pictures. I finally had to roll a die to see who would get to read the book first. Robyn was the lucky girl and she took the book off to her room. Less than two days later, she had finished it. She was telling me all her favorite parts and it just made me want to read it again.

It really is the cutest book. All the girls love their individual fairies. Here is Daisy pointing to hers.

And don't forget Robyness who started it all.

I'm so proud of my mom. She deserves a heap of praise for writing such interesting stories and having a dream come true for her, in published book form.

You'd better believe this won't be the last book you'll see with the author: Megan Dargan.

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meganmushrat said...

Wow - you make me sound truly amazing, but I'm giving up on trying to convince you otherwise. (To be honest, I really do think of myself as a normal, average person who happens to be lucky enough to be blessed with some talent.) I am so glad the girls love the book. That was the main reason I wrote it.