Friday, November 30, 2012

What Washington is Good For (part 2)

Despite the fact that I was pretty miserable on Saturday, I woke up feeling great on Sunday. Turns out it was  a 24-hour type of thing. (Which we got to witness as each family member got it in turn. Lovely...see how I mentioned the slight bumps of the trip. Bringing illness is never fun.)

I went to church and was able to show my family off. I usually travel alone to visit my family since it is so expensive to fly, so often I attend church solo. It was nice to have proof that I indeed have a husband and children. (I think some people were starting to wonder.)

Sunday was pretty low-key. Ivory didn't seem to do too much.

November 18th 2012

I woke up got into the bath and washed my whole body and it had ALOT of bubbels!!!!!! I ate Blueberry muffin tops for Breakfast. I tried to atak Tim my cousin and uncel at the same time. How? Tim likes to viset USA alot even thogh he only plays on his I-pad. I stared to play Piano then I played Uncle wiggliy then played Piano for tim. The I started coloring. I colored Owls and half a leprechaun picture. I played piano songs petending to play but not.

My parent's house has so much stuff in it. Here are a few of the things that kept us busy:

The Bath—I don't have a picture of this but my parents have a huge tub with bubble jets. The kids loved it and you can put all five in at once. Oddly, I don't think they use it very often, but the tub gets plenty of use when we visit.

Stories—My mom writes fairy stories for the girls. They are so fabulous!! Each of the girls has their own fairy in the story and they have adventures and mishaps. My mom started out by writing one story for Robyn's birthday a few years ago, but she has since written almost a dozen more. The kids hadn't heard the first stories for a while so she started at the beginning and read them all to the kids again, adding a new one at the end. So almost every day, you would find the kids piled on her bed listening to a fairy story.

Games—There is a large rec room in my parents house and one wall is filled with games. I think we played games every day we were there. They really have some great ones.

The Synthesizer—The girls brought their piano books because they had a recital coming up right after the break. They fell in love with the Synthesizer and all the different sounds it could make. It was rare to find it turned off. My mother said she had no idea it would be so popular.

Books—Most of the kids books are packed up, but Ivory found a stack of Choose Your Own Adventures. I remembered so many of them from when I was a kid. We had a lot of fun reading them, and Grandma allowed Ivory to take some home with her.

Crafts—I brought along some craft things so that we could visit Karen and distract the kids from touching everything in her house. Sadly, two children were not feeling the best on the day we were supposed to visit her, so she came our way instead. But we still got to do the crafts and see her. I'll call that a win/win.

Friends—Karen was really the only person we visited. She was brave enough to come over despite the stomach bug. It was so fabulous to see her, and I am just sad that we didn't get to see others on this trip. But that is how it rolls sometimes.

Rain—Wait, have I mentioned that it rained the whole time?? I know...broken record. It wasn't so bad except that we didn't really go anywhere the whole time. And Moxy couldn't figure out why it was always wet outside. There are more pine needles than grass in my parents' front yard, so usually Moxy had to be walked somewhere. Tyler took most of those wet dog walks, but I took her out every once in a while.

A huge THANKS to Tyler for taking all these pictures. I think I was in vacation mode, because I didn't pick up the camera much. But I am glad he documented all the fun activities we did. In fact, this fabulously hot picture of him wasn't even taken by me. Karen has the same type of camera, so she was checking out our new lenses. You may all take a moment to check out Tyler.

There was also a dollhouse that the girls really loved organizing and reorganizing. There are no dolls, but all the miniature furniture in the rooms is pretty cool.

November 19th 2012

Got into the bat again of course because we have to take a bath evrey day now. We watched brave. Brave was not akting like a princess. She like to shoot airows. We ate snake witch was yougort bites strawberrys and grapes. Me and Robyn got in a fight.

Monday night is when both June and Robyn got sick. Poor little ducks. But we managed to have our FHE Thankful Turkey tradition before all the puking began.

We always make our Thankful Turkey the Monday before Thanksgiving, and since we were in Washington, we had lots of people to share our turkey with. No one had a very large feather, but I love that my whole family got to help. The Turkey design was chosen by Ivory this year and she did a fantastic job coloring him.

I think that is all for now. Brave was very cute. None of the girls had seen it, so that was fun to watch.

To be continued in....Look, I Used the Camera One Day (part 3)

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Your parent's house is like a treasure trove of fun, how awesome!