Thursday, November 8, 2012

It Runs in the Family

I'm not quite finished looking back...

Remember how I ran that Half marathon? (Ah...good times.) Well, Tyler had all the chillins that morning. And you already know he was fantastic and brought them to see me at the finish line, but he gets even better. I mentioned that there was a 1 mile kids run and 5K at the library that same morning. Obviously, I couldn't be there, but I thought it might be fun for him to take the kids. And then I totally left it up to him. After all, I knew it was going to be cold, and you never know how it will swing with five girls in the morning.

But I came home to these fabulous pictures.

Here are all the girls before the race. Only the three oldest competed in the kids mile.

Here they are at the starting line. (I should mention that this event was not well attended. There were maybe 10 kids....maybe. But that made the odds pretty good for my monkeys.)

And they were off. It was supposed to be a mile, but they just ran down the sidewalk and back. Tyler thinks it was maybe a half mile. Here comes first place guy, whose "mile" time was 4 minutes something.

Here comes my gang. I love how June is watching Ivory to make sure she stays just a few inches ahead.

Robyn won second place, and June came in third. They both received medals, and Ivory got a library buck for participating. (She already spent in on Flash Gordon.)

There was a slight injury somewhere along the way. I think June tripped on a curb, but it obviously didn't slow her down much.

I'm happy Tyler took the girls. I told them they would think it was cool to be running a race the same day as Mom. We came home with lots of medals that day, but I wasn't even close to third place. (wink)


meganmushrat said...

Congrats to your family for being such a healthy one and running together. Obviously I would have been on the sidelines cheering for all of you. Not quite up to running yet. Give everybody my love.

¡Vieve! said...

Holy fun! I always loved doing fun runs when I was little, I hope the girls keep it up!