Sunday, November 8, 2015

Curry or Chili?

I think I prefer curry on any given day, but if you make a good chili, I am totally down with that as well. Our ward hosts a chili cookoff each Fall, and this year they added Curry into the mix. I was one happy lady.

My mom makes a simple, fantastic chili that all my kids love. But the competition is fierce when it comes to the ward, so I figured I would make a White Chicken Chili for variety. Actually, I made this same chili two years ago and it didn't even merit an honorable mention. I just bring it because then I know there will be something there I want to eat.

This year, the cookoff fell on the same Saturday as all the other craziness. Primary program practice, June's photo shoot, Pearl's date, and then come home and make chili as fast as you can. Don't rely on Tyler for anything because he is in Goblin Valley getting soaked. (Someone may have failed to mention to Tyler that it was a 'wet' hike. He was often up to his armpits in water.) Also, Tyler was supposed to be home by 5, but their timeline was bumped back by three hours, so I wasn't planning on him until around 8:30.

That left me with a whole lot of girls to feed. Even though I knew that dinner was at the church, I almost kept everyone home so I wouldn't have to deal with anything else that day. But eventually I caved and chili and kids made it to the car for the event.

I repented as soon as we ate. There were so many yummy curries that I never even touched my chili. I got a few new recipes as well. I have a yellow curry recipe that I like, but I wanted a red curry one as well. It really was a wonderful evening. I was sad that Tyler couldn't make it, but once my crockpot was empty, I just loaded in some curry to keep warm for when he got back.

The awards went mainly to the curry class. I actually thought at one point they were judging the curry first and then the chili afterward, because all the awards seemed to be going to curry. 'Most Popular' - curry, 'Best Curry' - curry (obviously) 'Spiciest' - curry, 'Most Unique' - chili dish that I thought was a curry. Finally they announce the overall winner: White Chicken Chili.

What? I did not see that coming at all. I was too busy enjoying my curry. Ironically, none of my family tried my chili, so I will just have to take the judges word for it. I guess it was a good batch.

Pearl and I had a great date earlier that day. She had been asking to go to the Puppy Barn for about a month. I wasn't even sure if she could hold any of the puppies. I had heard strange rules about the place. But I took her because it seemed the right thing to do.

It was an interesting set-up. Bins of puppies everywhere. Some had red signs up saying those puppies were on a break and you couldn't touch or hold them. Also, if puppies were sleeping, you were supposed to leave them alone. Other bins say only 21 or older can hold those puppies. That left about three bins of puppies which Pearl could hold. She didn't seem to mind. She held a cute Chihuahua and some other breed I forget. I could hold some puppies and let her pet them. Our favorite was a Yorkie Poo. (I'm assuming it was a Yorkshire Terrier/Poodle mix.) She was adorable. I admit that if she wasn't so expensive and if the fence around our yard was more secure, I might have been tempted to purchase her.

I tried to take a picture of Pearl with the dog, but since I had to hold the puppy, I couldn't really get her far enough away to get a good shot. But you get the idea.

I will probably need to take Robyn to the Puppy Barn someday. It seems like a place she would enjoy.

We also attended Young Women in Excellence earlier that week. I was proud of June because she helped conduct the beginning. She was filling in for the Beehive President who turned 14 earlier that month and moved up to Mia Maids. (As 1st Counselor, June will help out until they call a new president.)

Each girl talked about something they worked on during the year for Personal Progress. June spoke about the 50/20, but she always down plays it because they didn't finish. I wish she could see how awesome she is for even finishing half of it. When she sat down next to me, I said, "June, you seem to think it isn't much of an accomplishment, but look around. You are the only girl in the room who even attempted it. You got 25 miles farther than anyone in here."

Also, it wasn't a competition. June was testing her own strength. For her first try, I think 25 miles is pretty good. We'll see if she wants to try and beat it another year.

Lastly, I leave you with a picture taken by Ivory. She and Daisy were busy playing dominoes one day and made a picture-worthy creation. They are such cuties.

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meganmushrat said...

You constantly seem to be getting awards that you don't expect. Take getting the Grand Champion winner at the fair for your cross-stitch! You are one awesome lady. June is looking so grown-up these days that I hardly recognize her.