Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dates and Figs*

The dates I have one-on-one with the kids each month are my favorites. I love having them all together, but spending time with just one is sweet. It was June's month this November. She decided that we should go shopping for lotion. She gets really dry hands, what with her perpetual washing and the dry climate. (Winter is terrible for skin around here. I think someone should invent the lotion bath where you just soak in a tub of warm lotion.)

We had fun exploring different scents and types of lotion. June managed to talk me into getting her some sanitizer as well. (Anything to knock out a few hand washings. I get it...washing hands is good. But you have heard of too much of a good thing...)

Afterward, we got See's Candy. We each chose four pieces of chocolatey goodness.

As we headed toward the car, we stopped at a shoe store and spent a good half an hour trying on fun shoes. I was looking for boots, but never found exactly what I wanted. June was digging all the fancy pumps. There were so many glilttery high heels. Each was more bejeweled and lavish than the last. Remind me to go to Forever Young Shoes next time I need a sparkle shoe fix.

It was great to chat and laugh with June. She is such a fun person to be around.

My other date for the month was with Tyler. Remember how we planned a date for each month in advance? Well, for November, we planned to go to the temple. It has been forever since we have gone together. I am lucky to attend almost weekly with some friends, but it is special to go with my eternal companion. We chose the Payson temple since we thought it was so beautiful when we went through the open house.

We had a wonderful time and we learned something new: Men cannot wear a short-sleeved shirt in the temple. Tyler forgot and wore short sleeves and the Payson temple does not have clothing for rent. Luckily, they do have some long-sleeved shirts for emergencies. Tyler's shirt was a little snug, but it served its purpose.

I love that we have dates planned for a year and I love even more that we have a babysitter planned for a year. (Thank you June for growing up into a responsible girl. And Robyn for all your backup babysitting when June is busy. You girls are all terrific.)

* Sorry. There were no figs associated with this post.

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meganmushrat said...

You could have eaten a fig newton on your date with June to get it in. I am bitterly disappointed in the lack of figs.