Friday, May 15, 2015

Payson Temple Cleansing

The Payson temple is the most recently completed temple in Utah. It will be dedicated in June. They are currently doing the Open House where people are allowed to walk through. We always take the opportunity to take our kids to the beautiful temples before they are closed to the general public.

The Payson temple is amazing. I can't decide which part is my favorite, although I love the stained glass windows throughout the building. The carpet and staircases were awesome and the celestial room was inspiring. Such a lovely, special building.

We happened to arrive at the temple during a storm. A torrential downpour really. I was touched by the dedication of parking attendants as they showed me where to park while they took a shower outside.

Upon arriving, we gave instructions to the troops to go quickly toward the temple, but with the caveat that everyone was guaranteed a good soaking. No lie there. The rain was coming down in sheets and we jumped out of the vehicle and ran for the temple.

Daisy fared the best since she wrapped herself in Tyler's jacket, but the rest of us looked like we had run under a waterfall. Hair was dripping, feet were slippery, glasses were fogged and splattered. But everyone at the temple had a smile for us, and inside we were given a towel to dry our faces. Robyn said, "At least we are nice and clean to enter the temple."

It was actually quite exhilarating to run through the rough weather. It was such a great analogy to come out of the storms of life to the peace and safety of the temple. We were able to view all the lovely rooms and remind our children of the importance of temple ordinances and the sacredness of the family.

And when we left, it had ceased raining. I was thinking we would have to get pictures another day, but we were still able to sneak a few in.

Love my eternal companion. We are going to try and come back soon when the temple opens for patrons. (Thanks for the photo, Robyn.)

Then we came home and warmed our insides with hot chocolate and apple cider. That is an important closer after playing in the rain.

(We missed the video they show at the beginning because we ran to the entrance, but I liked how quickly we were able to go through. It helps with squirmy small children. And in this case, they would have been squirmy, wet children.)

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meganmushrat said...

I wonder if the Payson Temple will be Temple 145. I'll have to check and see. Where is Payson? Wish I could have been there (except for the rain part).