Tuesday, May 26, 2015

She Sings Like a Robyn

Robyn has really enjoyed choir this year. I have been super impressed with the teacher and her empowering of the kids. The Christmas concert was fantastic, so I was excited for the end of the year concert.

They did sing at one other venue...sort of. They were scheduled to sing at a BYU baseball game. They were singing the national anthem. Pretty cool. I tagged along because I wanted to watch. It happened to be a very rainy, cold Saturday. (We have had quite a few of those this season. Utah has not been a desert recently.) Robyn was chilled to say the least.

They came early to do a sound check on the field. Here they are singing to see how it would sound later. Robyn told me the tarp would gather water and wherever she stood, the water would come rushing to her feet. This wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't been wearing flip flops.

Daisy came with me because she was supposed to attend a birthday party later and the times conflicted. She was helpful carrying around the umbrella.

The game was delayed for rain, so while all the kids waited in the cold, I took Daisy to her party and came back. Upon returning, Mrs. T was ushering all the kids into the girls bathroom. ALL the kids, even the boys, because the bathroom was large and warmer than outside. I took a picture of everyone crowded inside.

I switched shoes with Robyn at this point. I took her flip flops and she got my socks and shoes. I felt bad that I hadn't thought of it earlier. The kids were getting a little bored. I know that I should have been a good scolding parent, but it was funny to see all the kids lined up hanging on the stall doors.

The game was delayed another half hour and Mrs. T was through with that. All the kids were cold, so she sent everyone home. It was fun to hear the kids sing even if it wasn't done officially for the game.

The end of year concert was a delight as well. The kids shirts finally came in and they wore cowboy accessories. Many of the songs focused on that genre. We could easily have been sitting around the campfire singing.

Mrs. T finds fun songs I have never heard of as well as classics that haven't been used in a while. The kids sang I Can Do Anything Better Than You. It was super cute. This picture is from a song called Whisper....go figure.

Robyn had her heart set on a solo that she didn't get, but she did sing a fun extra part with a few other girls.

Part of the costume that night was bare feet. Fun.

Tyler was sitting closer so he was taking pictures and with the telephoto lens, he got some great ones. But when people are singing, you sure get some funny faces. I am being nice to put the pretty ones on here. (You are welcome Robyn.)

Mrs. T and Mrs. S sang together again. Mrs. T is quite the performer, but I'm pretty sure Mrs. S would stay behind the piano if she could. They did a great job.

Robyn is completely obscured in this photo, but I wanted you to see how great the choir looks. And I like all the fun decorations for the evening.

There were even decorations on the side tables. We threw Robyn in jail at the end. I guess you could call her our 'Jail bird.' (Too cheesy?)

This was Mrs. T's last performance since she is moving next year. We are so glad that she took this year to teach the kids amazing things. And how to sing as well.

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meganmushrat said...

I hadn't realized that Robyn added singing to her many talents. She obviously didn't get that from ME. I don't do too badly, but I have a very limited range. I always loved participating in choirs.