Saturday, May 30, 2015

This Mom...

Robyn and Ivory are my girls currently in Activity Days at church. They do so many fun activities. I usually just hear about them when they get home, but a few weeks ago, I got to go and play with them.

The girls had a Mother's Day party. Our first order of business was making fancy hats for the soiree. I never really thought of a box as a hat, but I have seen the light. Don't we all look fabulous?

Robyn decided that two hats were better than one.

We also put flowers into pots. What is it with Mother's Day and flowers? Couldn't we connect that day with chocolate instead? I can't kill chocolate. These are really cool flowers though. I don't know what they are called, but when Hannah came over she called them 'Indian Paintbrush.' (p.s. I haven't killed it yet.)

They played a really fun game at the end. All the girls were lined up and asked questions that began with "This Mom..." Each mom had submitted several clues about herself and the girls were supposed to identify which one went with their mother.

These were my three clues.

1. This mom sometimes sings songs at bedtime. She also sings when people are fighting.

(Ivory did not raise her hand for this clue because she thought the other clues before it were connected and she knew the other clues didn't apply to me. Robyn almost raised her hand, but she was confused about the singing when people fight. I do that though. It helps me to keep my voice calm.

2. This mom has crazy sneezes.

(Both their hands shot into the air. This is totally me. I used to sneeze like a normal person. Now it sounds more like a scream. It startles the kids all the time.)

3. This mom makes 'Summer Stations.'

(That was almost too easy. I can't think of any other moms who do that. Robyn and Ivory knew it right off.)

It was hard to choose clues that weren't totally obvious. If you had to give three clues about yourself, what would they be??


meganmushrat said...

I have spent a lot of time thinking about this, because if I said anything about writing stories or poems it would be too obvious. I finally came up with these (although the third one is also a bit obvious.)
1. What Mom loves reading so much that she reads while she walks?
2. What Mom loves the taste of avocado and asparagus, but doesn't like the taste of mint or coffee?
3. What Mom likes doing Logic Problems?
That's the best I could do. Isn't it fun being a mom?

Sharona said...

This mom...laughs at all her own jokes. She also laughs all the time and she also likes to make other people laugh. And I love the Indian paintbrushes. We sell them at the Home Depot. lol