Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Still the Hope of America

Last year we went to Hope of America for the first time. That was helpful, because I knew exactly what to expect this time around.

Robyn wasn't going over early with someone else, so I made her lunch bag with a flag on it. It wasn't entirely accurate where she would be in the evening, but close enough.

I guess each year it changes where a certain school will be sitting. Thus, the color they wear will also change. I heard that Robyn's school wore yellow last year, but they were in the flag this year wearing white. (Same color as June last year, although different schools.) We are lucky to have had two kids in the flag. There are a LOT of kids outside it wearing yellow.

Here is Mo-mo and Robyn. Cute friends.

I took Robyn early and let Tyler bring the rest of the crew later. Some very kind friends of ours saved seats for us (thank you Taylor's), so we had an excellent view of the flag straight on instead of from the side. Here you can see it before it filled up.

Actually, even though they say everyone has to be there early, they always start late because they are waiting for people to show up and fill in the flag. And if no one comes, they move people around or put t-shirts on the seats for the picture so it looks nice and filled in.

They also have entertainment beforehand. The UVU Green Man Group is always a hit.

My favorite part was watching Robyn through the binoculars. She was clearly thrilled watching them. She would clap almost the whole time and her face was alight with wonder. (I asked her at the end what her favorite part was and she said the Green guys. I told her that I already knew that. I could read it in her eyes.) This picture is kind of blurry, but here is a guy jumping over seven kids. He is right over them.

Robyn wasn't too hard to find. She was right below the blue and she was two seats away from her teacher. Being a larger man (in comparison to all the kids) I could always find him in the crowd and then I only had to look two people down.

Thank goodness, the flag is in place. They are finally ready to get this show rolling.

Over on my side, it was fun to see the show sitting next to June. She performed last year, but she has never been in the audience. She loved watching all the synchronized actions. Like I said before...not difficult actions, but pretty cool when done all together.

This picture is pretty cool. Tyler took a shot through the binoculars.

One of the numbers was the same group of ladies from last year...and I still can't remember their name. But if my mom was right from last year, they are Jeanne Dixon's Golden Girls, ages 52-96.

This lady was clearly in the higher age bracket, but still mighty flexible. Go Grandma!!

Two of the best songs are at the end of the show. During America Rocks, they all wear sunglasses and rock out. Tyler was taking pictures. Clearly, it is hard to tell kids apart from so far away.

Don't worry. He figured out where she was eventually. She's back in center stage.

And of course the last song with all the lights. My favorite.

If I were going to give myself a tip for next year, it would be to park somewhere on campus and nowhere near the Marriott Center. We were too close and it took us forever to get home. For. Ev. Er.

But it is always worth it to see the future Hope of America sing their hearts out.

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meganmushrat said...

I really enjoyed the performance when June was in it - sorry I couldn't come see it again. What fun!