Sunday, May 17, 2015

Art Preferences

I like to think that my kids have some skill in art. I enjoy what they make, and the older girls in particular surprise me with some of their creations. I imagine that I will see a lot of fun art projects throughout the years.

I was over at the Junior High (June's new location next year--yikes) and there was an art show going on. There were dozens of different art styles on display and they were judged with ribbons. It was awesome. It was so cool to walk around and look at all the imagination and talent on display. I didn't have much time to browse, so I sent a quick text to Tyler telling him to bring the kids over.

He managed to snag the littles, but the biggies had homework to do. He led the kids around and took a picture by their favorite pieces.

Ivory liked the body sketchings, this one in particular.

Daisy said her favorite was in the photography section, but I wonder if she just wanted a picture of spiders for Mom's blog? (okay, is a cool picture.)

Pearl liked one of the ceiling tiles. I think she liked the Pegasus one, but it wouldn't surprise me if she liked the Pokemon one as well.

I was bound and determined that the older girls would get to see the art show as well. Luckily it was up for a few days, so we went back at another time.

Robyn loved this coyote howling at the moon. It was done with such detail. (Sorry I can't remember the names of each style.)

June had a very hard time deciding. She liked this elephant.

And this panda.

But she finally decided on this pineapple, done in the same style as the coyote. Awesome.

I loved this piece. I really wish I could tell you what style, but I'm having artist's block.

So creative.

I also loved the art pieces done with graph paper. I'm sorry I didn't take a picture of that style. But there is always next year. And I will pay better attention to the techniques used. Such a beautiful world we can have in our minds.

***Oooh, just remembered the name of that last kind of art. It is called Surrealism, using the irrational juxtaposition of images.

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meganmushrat said...

There sure is a lot of talent out in the world, isn't there? Despite my way with words, I am still envious of those who can draw. I see such neat pictures in my head, but I can't put them down on paper. Ah well, each to their own.