Sunday, May 24, 2015

This One's For You Hinckley

This post is written by Robyn:

I am going to write this as if I was speaking to Hinckley himself. You have been going through some hard stuff, and everyone has been trying to make you feel better while you go through chemo therapy. Card after card! Gift after gift! You would wonder if you are enjoying yourself, with all this new stuff. But that's probably not true. You are having a hard time at the moment so, I thought of something to try and make you feel better. Have you ever seen a search with all these small pictures around it? Well I made you one.

In chalk. (If you couldn't tell) I worked very hard on that thing. Many things I had to wrack my brain for. So I hope you enjoy it Hinckley, I really hope you do. (Yes I spelled your name wrong but, it was chalk and I couldn't fix it so, THERE!!)

I realize it would be hard to find all the detail in that one big picture, so I had mom take close up pictures. For each one, I will write a list of things to find. It doesn't cover may find things that aren't on the list. Ready??

In this picture find a camera, lamp, submarine, truck, magnet, flipflop, penguin, butterfly, tree, and waterfall.

See if you can find a Christmas tree, mermaid, moon, ladybug, tiny toilet, umbrella, basketball, envelope, pumpkin, and baseball.

Seek out a footprint, vacuum with plug, tennis racket, hotdog, flower, pinecone, question mark, lightning, Easter egg, and peace sign.

In this picture find a fence, rainbow, Popsicle, pencil, Ferris wheel, sword, sun, bunny, lollipop, vampire lips, and shovel.

One more. Find a piano, fireworks, knife (w/blood), clock, trampoline, large hamburger, terrier, brain, baby buggy, and heart.

  I hope you liked it.

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meganmushrat said...

Wow - that is one very detailed picture. Great job! I might even try to find those things myself.