Monday, May 4, 2015

Sound Advice

The kids love visiting the Sound when we go to Washington. They don't have a lot of access to beaches in Utah, so they will explore any that come within their reach, even a rocky one. I can't quite remember where I was during the Sound exploration, but both Daisy and I are MIA. (Tyler was on the job.)

They went on a lovely day. The weather was fantastic.

Pearl stepped out of her comfort zone and held a baby hermit crab in her hand. She still prefers the small crustaceans.

The older girls are crab-catching pros by now. (They are braver than I am.)

Tyler tried teaching them something new - skipping rocks. June took a stab at it. Robyn too.

Pearl was content to look cute and pose on the rocks.

It is always fun to climb over the water run-off area. It feels like a small waterfall.

The girls took a break to squish some coins. Luckily, Tyler was there to remind them all about safety. Place your coins with no trains in sight.

Next, stay clear of the track. And that does not mean standing on another train track. All the kids are safe behind a railing here.

Watch to see where the coins go.

Once the train is safely away (and no more are coming) you may retrieve your coins. Nicely done.

Now climb a really high pile on. (Don't worry, that is not required in coin smashing. That is just Ivory.)

Look! We found a Pearl by the sea. (Too cheesy?)

Ivory decided to capture another crab.

June worked on her toss.

Oh no...the tide is coming in!

I think they were exploring under the pier this time around and it is possible to get stranded by the rising tide. Luckily, after avoiding many hazards and tackling a gigantic jellyfish, they made it back to shore. (The story may be slightly embellished by the author. Who could have happened.)

Finally, Tyler taught the kids the methods of the Karate Kid and figured there was nothing left to teach them.

Because Daisy and I missed all the adventuring (and the imaginary jellyfish) we ventured back another day (with Aunt Miranda). But the weather was not as kind, or I should say, it was more typical. We left quickly when it started to drizzle and everyone was chilled.

Thank you Washington for your rocky beaches. I'd also like to thank my photographer for taking pictures in my absence. And I'd like to thank all the patient crabs who allow my children to catch them.

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meganmushrat said...

I have my doubts that the crabs really wanted to be caught, but since they were let ago again, no harm was done. I would love to see them on a California beach where they could splash in the water. There is just something about beaches, isn't there?