Monday, June 1, 2015

Character Matters

Many moons ago, Robyn was in a play called Character Matters. She was very cute as Snow White. Amazingly, some classes do the same thing each year (as evidenced by the many Christmas and patriotic programs on the blog.) Actually, not all the classes do Character Matters, but Ivory happened to be in a class that took it very seriously. There were many auditions and they rehearsed often. Ivory had her heart set on a certain character. Any guesses?

Humpty Dumpty. Don't ask me why. But she really wanted that part. Humpty Dumpty was one of the main characters of the Fairytale Advice Council. Don't they look great?

Ivory is friends with everyone in her class as far as I can tell. So many of these girls were at her birthday party that I can name most of them now. (June's class is the only one where I can name everyone and it took me four years to learn all of them.) Here is cute Brielle and Ivory.

The entire play is based on Fairytale characters having everyday problems. The advice council is made of up three famous characters.

But there were many guest appearances. (Plus many more not pictured.)

Ivory worked so hard on her part. She knew all her lines and probably most of the other people's parts as well. It was funny because she had a clipboard as a prop, but there was nothing on it. (Humpty Dumpty was reading who was next up on the list to get advice.)

I guess you could call the play a musical. There were probably at least nine songs in it. Ivory had all of them memorized. She would sing them to me in the car and at bedtime. If Daisy or Pearl ever do this play, they will already have half the songs memorized.

At the end of the play, Ivory disappears. Apparently she had a bad fall. The Pied Piper takes her place on the council. It is for the best. He was really harboring some negative feelings against the town's folk. I think helping others with their problems will be just what the doctor ordered.

All the kids did a fantastic job. I was really proud of the three girls on the council in particular. They enunciated well and you could hear everything they said. Way to go!

Ivory was so excited for her play that she invited Aunt Miranda from Washington. Aunt Miranda is not pictured in this post since we had the camera aimed at Miss Ivory, but stayed tuned for some of our fun adventures while she was visiting.

p.s. Don't you just love Ivory's glasses on her egg head with no ears?

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meganmushrat said...

I am vividly reminded of the time I was a member of the Verse Choir. Instead of singing, we recited poems. We did Belinda and the Dragon and I was just one of the background - but I had everything memorized. When the girl who played the part of Belinda didn't show up for one of our performances, the director rather desperately asked if anybody else knew the lines. That's right - I got to play the part. I'll bet Ivory could have done the same thing. It's in the genes.