Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Those Other Moments

The weeks are going along swell-ly. (That seems like it should be a word.) Activities are happening as evidenced by my amazing documentation. (I almost forget to take pictures every time we start a craft. I'm surprised we have photos at all.)

The first two weeks were quite the hectic frenzy. Not only did we do all our scheduled events, but the kids are still taking piano, June has violin lessons, Ivory still spends half her life at gymnastics and 4/5 of the kids had swimming lessons. It was crazy.

We took some random pictures here and there, and I figured they should get on here sooner than later. (Swimming lessons will get its own post.)

Reading is a big part of summer. It has been nice to watch June read something for fun again. I think she gets a little burned out during the school year with all the assigned projects and prescribed books. She just devoured a trilogy in a matter of days. All the kids like to read. (Yes, I know I am lucky.) Pearl doesn't read on her own yet, but there always seems to be someone willing to read to her.

We have plenty of books on hand because we hit up both libraries each week. With two mandatory hours at the school library, they usually find something interesting. And if nothing strikes their fancy, they pick up something at the public library. We are doing the summer reading program there, because...why not? If you are reading, you may as well get a prize for it. Ivory was a little disillusioned as to the prizes. When we went the first week and got coupons to Pizza Pie Cafe, she was a little snotty. "I thought the prize would be a toy. I don't even like pizza." Wow...we had a little discussion about not ever complaining when someone gives you something for free. (Or almost any other time.) And guess what? She loved going out to eat. After all, pizza goes down pretty easy when it has oreo or raspberry on it.

We play lots of games during the summer. Some of our old favorites have come out, including Love Letter. Curtis came over one night and we played past everyone's bedtime. (Sorry Curtis, you haven't really made a picture yet, but there is your elbow.)

We taught Megan Densley, Mao, and she caught on right away. We also played BANG with the Stokes, but I can't say I really enjoyed that game since Curtis killed me the first turn. (The FIRST turn. Sheesh.) I love that the kids enjoy playing games. And they are almost as competitive as I am.

The kids continue to grow out of clothes and shoes. I went to get new kicks for the older two. June was looking in the same section that I was, and I told her to go look in her own section. Turns out her feet are a little bigger than mine. When did that happen? I got myself some cute red flats. I can justify buying myself new shoes because June can wear them as well.

Tyler left for a conference this last week. In previous years, we have gone with him, but we decided to save our coffers this time around. Instead, I made yummy food and sent him pictures so he would miss us. I haven't made these rolls in 2 years and I just happened to make them the day he left. (It actually wasn't planned, but it does seem underhanded.)

Here is Ivory with her own version of Raspberry Fool. We sent that picture to Tyler too. Don't worry, he was having a grand time in San Diego and hardly missing us. I might even get him to do his own post on here. He got some fun pictures while he was gone.

Pearl made this scenario one evening. I'm not quite sure what is happening, but I dutifully took the photo.

Lastly, we had dinner with Mark on Sunday. I wasn't even planning on getting the camera out, but this teeter-totter was too cool to miss. Five seats...it was made for my kids.

No, this is lastly...Ivory wanted me to get some videos of her doing gymnastics so she could send them to Grandpa Cazier. I figured the other set of Grandparents might enjoy them as well. It really is a sacrifice to tax my non-technology brain. But behold, videos.

I desired all my life to be able to do a round-off back hand-spring. I'm glad to see Ivory can live one of my dreams.

p.s. She is such a trooper. I took those videos at the end of a gymnastics day. She was already pretty tired, but she did all her tricks regardless.

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meganmushrat said...

I am amazed at how good Ives is getting at gymnastics. Those flips are incredible. Looks like the summer is going well.