Friday, June 5, 2015

Let's Play Ball

Sixth grade is that magical grade of ruling the school and getting to do all the fun stuff at the end of the year. The whole sixth grade was split into teams and competed in softball for a couple weeks.  June's team did great during competition. They won almost all their games by quite a margin. They only lost their last game to the other half of their class. But with only one loss, they made it to the championship.

Weather was not in their favor, so the last game was postponed a couple days. Instead, the faculty game was first. June didn't play in that game because there were only four kids chosen from each class, and most classes chose three boys and one girl. (Go figure.) But it was fun to go and watch and sit next to her. Good company. (Lauren and June.)

The game was pretty intense. It was close. I think the teachers beat the students by 1 point. 13-12.

Pearl was less enthused by the game, but she had plenty of company to keep her entertained.

The next day we came back for the real deal - championship game. June's team (we'll call them Billings 2) had only lost once, to the other Billings team. Billings 1 remained undefeated. June's team was first up to bat. They did fantastic. It always helpful to start off with a great inning. Here is June ready to go.

Action shot. Nice hit. Now run.

She made it to first!

Here she is headed for third. 

Although Billings 2 was good at hitting, their major strength during this particular game was when they were out on the field. They had several innings that were three up, three down. June didn't see a lot of action out in right field, but she was ready.

Here are some other fun shots from the game. Simeon is barely beating the ball to third base here. Tyler liked this shot because you can see how close the ball was.

Kaden is a natural sportsman. Look at his perfect form. When he wasn't hitting, he was being third base coach. He took the game very seriously.

Holly was not technically on June's team. She was Billings 1's catcher. She was awesome. She caught several foul balls, getting people out, and someone hit her with the bat and she didn't even cry. What a trooper.

Check out this awesome play at second. Simeon is sliding in there. Sorry're out!

One more picture. I love this shot of Sarah in the outfield. Her expression says, "Is this game over yet?" (I don't think she was bored. But it is a great expression.)

Then the game was over. Guess what? Undefeated Billings 1 was no longer undefeated. June's team (Billings 2) took the championship! 15-2. Way to go guys. They got a trophy and everything.

But they were all winners. Look at this awesome class. I'll have to blog about sixth grade graduation soon. They are such a great group of kids.

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meganmushrat said...

I don't remember doing things like this at the end of 6th grade. Congrats to June's team - awesome way to end the 6th grade!