Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Una Settimana

The first week of the summer is always a trial run. We are making sure things work and that certain days are good for certain activities. The schedule is a bit different from last year, but I liked many things and we aren't too far off from where we were.

Stations are still happening, but we are tweaking the details. Here is what we have right now.

Computer Time - Older three children HAVE to do typing for at least 10 minutes.
Music Practice - Bonus points if the kids learn a hymn this summer.
Chore - I am still a mean mom.
Reading - Gotta read two Battle of the Books books this summer.
Free Time - Because I can be a nice mom sometimes, and everyone needs time to get dressed.

I did make the kids practice stations on Memorial Day. I think it might be a new tradition. The biggest change was that stations are now 15 minutes long instead of 30. Easier to manage and no one gets bored.
I didn't do worksheets because I wanted to save money. I still think worksheets are a great idea.
Encouraging the kids to do hymns has been awesome, especially since I pulled out 'Hymns Made Easy'. I hear hymns all the time now. Robyn has passed off six at least.

With the shortened time, we are done with stations by 9:15 in the morning. Which leaves us plenty of time for our other activities. Here is the break down this year.

Monday - Craft Day
Tuesday - Library Day
Wednesday - Field Trip
Thursday - Treat Day
Friday - Movie Day

We'd better jump right into this week because we have plenty of pictures to get through.

Monday we did Pencil Top Paint. (The goal is cheap this year, so many projects use things we have on hand or aren't too expensive to purchase. Pencils=cheap.) Yes, I found most of my ideas on Pinterest. (Where else?) This one is easy and my kids love to paint no matter what you call it.

Cut out a shape. Lay it down. Use a pencil top to paint over the top.

Remember that the younger kids will follow suit, but the older kids will do something cooler than you. (Get used to it. Older kids are awesome.)

Ha ha. June had a sunburn, if you recall. She wore this apron for a week straight because it didn't hurt her back. I only made her change if we went out of the house.

Let's see how they turned out. Here is Mom's example.

Check out these fun creations.

Ivory patterned one of hers after a computer game called 'Give up Robot.' It is awesome. June's spider is creepy but stupendous. Crafting is totally worth it, even if I end up scraping paint off the floor.

Tuesday is library day because I am working at the school library. It is only open for two hours a week, but I actually get paid. That is new. My monkeys come and read and help. They are so patient and great. We go the city library later in the day and hit up PERC for games. A day centered around reading is always a plus in my book.

Wednesday we went to Classic Skate because I had lots of coupons. It was a perfect hour to let the kids use up some energy.

Robyn and June brought their blades and were back in business in no time.

Ivory rented skates and then I couldn't look at her anymore because her feet were too bright. (At least I always knew where she was.)

Our neighbor twins came with us and played with the younger kids. (Although mostly they played with each other. It must be hard to get out of the habit when you are a twin.)

Tricia came with her girls a bit later, but the camera was put away by then. Even with all the friends we brought, we pretty much had the place to ourselves. Wednesday mornings are nice and slow.

Thursday we made Banoffee Pie. For the official recipe, go here. It was really easy and pretty yummy. Apparently when you boil a can of sweetened condensed milk, it makes a toffee-like substance that is pour-able. (Tyler compared it to Dulce de leche.) But you have to boil it for 2 and a half hours, so do that the night before.

Now cut up banana and toss it in a graham cracker crust.

Get your can of toffee goodness and pour it on top.

Next open a tub of cool whip and put some on your kids noses.

Okay, also put it on top of the pie. Your kids will probably figure out what to do about their noses.

Chill that bad boy for two hours and then eat it. I really liked it, but I think I have a weakness for graham cracker crust.

Friday (still with me?) we collapsed and watched a movie. Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. It was really cute. I liked it. And I liked not having to do anything besides pop popcorn and sit down. Every Friday should be movie day. (Oh will be.)

Summer is going to be amazing. Now I just need to get to bed on time. Who can keep up with these kids??


meganmushrat said...

I wish I was one of your kids instead of your mother. Sounds like so much fun.

Scott and Svetlana said...

Wow, I need to learn from you. I have only 2 kids and still have not figure out schedule. I think you are an amazing mom! Look at those awesome crafts they made, SO cool!
As for boiled sweetened condensed milk, oh, yeah, back in Russia we always did that for our cakes. The only "problem" do not forget it on the stove not to let water to boil out, or you will be scraping the yummy goodness off the kitchen walls/floor/cabinets... And 'yes' some people who don't want to boil it for long time - just use a short cut by buying Dolche de leche, it's not the same but pretty close.

Sharona said...

I had heard about the sweetened condensed milk thing but I have also heard of a shortcut. Too bad I can't remember it but I'm 1000% positive it's past my bedtime. lol...