Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Dance Like You Mean It

The Dance Festival at Cherry Hill is a school tradition. They managed to have it even when the school was under construction for two years. (That is dedication.)

I've learned to come early to set up chairs because it really fills up. We had front row seats this year. The weather was perfect. It looked like it would rain any minute, but it never did. Instead, there was cool cloud cover and no one was sweating to death. Pearl seemed happier than in previous years.

And don't forget Miranda got to come with us to this event.

I found June before the event began. I always like to get a picture of her with her fun friends. (I'm really going to miss her A.L.L class.)

As usual, I didn't take pictures of all the grades; just my favorite. The Kindergartners were the cutest. They had monkey ears and they danced to the song, Ten Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed. I was just taking pictures of random kids, but it turns out that Mrs. Billings kid, Brooks, was right there in front, in the stripes. Super cute!

First grade had fun surfboard props. I found the twins in my neighborhood who are in the Spanish Immersion program. (It is always more fun to take pictures of people you know.)

Go Lily and Sophie. Hang ten!

Third Grade was Kung Fu Fighting.

It took me forever to find Alan (my carpool kid) and even when I did he was all the way across the field and blocked by several people. It took me a while to get a decent shot.

Fifth Grade danced to This is Halloween. Gotta love coming to school in a Halloween costume in May.

Finally, it was Sixth Grade's time to shine. They danced to Wake Me Up. June did such a good job.

The dance moves were a little tricky in spots, but she seemed to get it all down.

It was great to see the Sixth Grade dancing for the last time. I will really miss this school and the Dance Festival.

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meganmushrat said...

Do you remember when they used to do the huge dance festival in the Tacome Dome? We had to bribe Miranda to be in it, and you were so mad because you were barely too young and you WANTED to be in it. It was quite something to watch, but alas - along with roadshows - it isn't done anymore. I guess in it's place they have Trek. June looks great!