Sunday, June 7, 2015

And the Rest of the Story

Summer is in swing and I have a wonderful week of adventures to share with you. However, I'm not quite done wrapping up the school year, and I went to my phone and found a few more photos that should make the blog.

So this post will be quite the hodge podge and pell mell of random happenings. Seat belts on, here we go!

There are two pictures I was almost sure I had already posted, but I can't find them, so maybe I just dreamed I posted them. (Yes, I dream about blogging sometimes.)

During the school year, I make lunch for the kids every day that they want it, except Tuesday. I have Tuesdays off from lunch making. My prerogative. When I do make lunches, I always draw something different on the lunch bags. Daisy was new to the lunch scene this year, and I kept finding lunch bags saved in her backpack because she thought the pictures were cute. (I'm flattered, but we can't save all the lunchbags.)

After Washington, I decided to do a pokemon lunch day. I drew Pikachu, but his eyes weren't right because the sharpie was too thick. Jigglypuff turned out great. Pearl suggested I do Haunter, and then Robyn requested Aerodactyl. I was proud enough of my drawings that I took a picture.

Here is Pearl in a puzzle. It is slightly less confusing than being in a pickle.

After Pearl's birthday photo shoot, we went out for treats, but I forgot to add the pictures onto her gallery, so here she is munching on a chocolate covered strawberry.

This is the other picture I thought made it on here already. It seems like Moxy would be uncomfortable in this position, but she ended up snoozing. She reminds me of a Sphinx.

Robyn had a huge state project due towards the end of school. She researched Arizona. I learned a few interesting facts myself. Good job Robyn!

Pearl loves the wildlife outside. Her favorite are Roly Polys. Aren't they everyone's favorite bug to hold? Except maybe my Granny the Great. She hated them. I guess Ladybugs are cute too. (Mom, did Granny the Great like ladybugs?)

Here is Ivory and Megan after 'Character Matters.' Parents brought yummy refreshments and the kids went to town.

I have not been the most involved mother in PTA this year, although I have spent plenty of time with my kids in the classroom. Instead of some of the usual activities, I volunteered more at the library and subbed a couple times as I mentioned before. I'm not sure I received an official invitation to the PTA end-of-year luncheon, but I stopped by the library on the day it was happening and Keely insisted I stay. The teachers were really cute and sang a song to thank the parents for helping out. Oddly, I thought we should be singing to them, but I guess Teacher Appreciation week happened earlier.

Pearl likes the crust. She just eats it last.

Sixth Grade Graduation should probably get its own post. Sadly, not today. Wait, I just remembered that I have other award photos to post as well. will get its own post. Foiled again.

That does cut down on the clutter in this post. Just a couple more pictures. Here are my carpool kids. I picked up the last week of school and I had to take a picture because it was the VERY LAST time I will carpool these kids. They were so great. I will miss the question of the day. Thanks Hannah, Alan, and June. (And yes, aren't in the picture, but you were almost always there.)

And finally, the kids dug up their mummified chickens. There was much less pomp and circumstance digging them up. Kolby (Mrs. Billings husband) went out on a rainy day, dug them up, and found they were all waterlogged. I believe all the tombs had filled with water. (Possibly the really rainy May we had?) I had come for the softball game that day, but it was rained out. I was already at my car and was driving away, but I stopped for a moment to watch. smelled awful, and I wasn't even close. I didn't stay for pictures. Fortunately, Mrs. Billings took some and sent them out. I give you June's group and their chicken. (Lucky for you, this picture doesn't smell.)

I was almost all caught up there. Just the graduation and some awards to get on here. I'll be back as soon as possible.

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meganmushrat said...

I'm just as glad that you can't post smells too. Thanks for all the little tid-bits of information. I like keeping in touch.