Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Librarian for a Day

Last (school) year sometime I was in the school library, and somehow the subject of substitutes came up, and how the district doesn't pay for librarians to have a sub. If they want a day off, the school just goes without. If they are sick...bummer. If they have an emergency for which they have to take time off, then the district will provide someone in the interim. All stuff I had previously not known.

I told our librarian, Mrs. Giles, that if she ever wanted a day off, I would be happy to come in and help.

She said, "For FREE?"

"Yes, most of what I do, I don't get paid for."

"Seriously, you would come in and help out for free?" she said.


Thus began my trips to the library. I would go in and volunteer so I could get used to the computer system, and help out with odd projects. It was fun. Pearl tagged along as usual. She was such a trooper. Mrs. Giles (Keely) never needed an actual sub, but I still spent many hours helping out.

This year, I wasn't sure if she still wanted my help, but when things settled down, I ventured back to the library and Keely was extremely happy to see me again. In fact, she was hoping to take a day off, and could I sub? I was a bit nervous, but that was the whole reason I was coming in to help out; so that she could take a day off if needed.

My first day subbing: It was a great day. The kids were so fantastic that the time just flew by. The only hiccup for the day was that I couldn't find the light switch in the morning to turn on the lights in the library. I looked all over and finally had to ask someone in the office for help. I was pretty mortified when she showed me a huge light switch panel on the wall. How could I have missed it?? I have a picture of me with Keely. (Taken on a different day.) Tyler was kind enough to get the light switch panel in the photo. Can you see it back there? Really, it sticks out like a sore thumb.

When the office attendant showed me the panel, I told her I was subbing that day. I told her that I was clearly qualified, so she should have no worries.

Keely is so great. I love working with her in any aspect, and I am happy to help out so she can have a day off. Plus, I love the library. It is a perfect fit for me. I think it is a win/win situation for both of us.

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meganmushrat said...

Libraries and our family are like ham and eggs - they belong together!