Wednesday, November 5, 2014


There are few things in life that I love to hate, but also like them at the same time. (Complicated emotions.)

Socks are one of those things.

Spiders too.

I hate spiders. They look nasty. They are venomous. (Yes...all of them.) I don't like that something that tiny can kill a person. Did I mention that they look hideous?? Eew. And spiderwebs are so creepy feeling. I hate walking into one. Yuck.

I love spiders though, because they are scary. (I like a little adrenaline every now and then.) They are perfect for Halloween time. I am currently working on a spider crosstitch and my kids were wondering why? Because, it is the creepiest thing I could put up at Halloween time. Yes, I also know spiders are very beneficial to the environment and that without them we would be overrun by insects. Blah, blah, blah.

So, I draw a line at my house. Spiders may remain outdoors, but if they come inside, they will probably be cashing in their life insurance policies.

Robyn came home from activity days the other evening with these. (I can get behind this kind of arachnid.)

I'm not sure what happened to that guy on the right. I promise I didn't squish him.

Ivory had a friend over because they were doing a late night. We gave her a spider to eat. (It was the polite thing to do.)

Ivory and Anabelle are quite the pair. They are both very smart and flexible. They recently attended a party at Lowe's Extreme Airsports and now Ivory's goal is to raise $20 so she can go back and play with Anabelle. She asks me all the time for extra chores involving money, but she is not very motivated to do those chores because they are hard. (Go figure.)

Back to spiders. The day before Miranda arrived, we found this beauty in the house.

Would you like a closeup of it? (I'm sure you would. So glad you asked.)

It was a pretty big spider and I am a tad annoyed since I already sprayed for spiders TWICE this season. Perhaps it is time to go with a new company. Loyalty only goes so far...

That spider is actually too big to squish in my opinion. It gets really gross the larger they get. Luckily, Tyler was right on hand. He caught it in a jar to show it to the kids, and then they walked around the neighborhood showing it to all the neighbors. It is possible he was threatening to release it in their yards. (I'm sure we could have worked out some great cookie blackmail for not releasing said spider near their home.)

In the end, they released him in the field out back. They all crowded around, while I stood back and quietly hummed 'Let it Go' to myself. It is getting colder. Hopefully that is the last big spider of the season. (She says with NO reassurance in her voice.)

But we don't want to leave you with images of spiders flashing through your mind. Instead, check out my cute pumpkin toes. I used sharpie to draw the faces. (It made the sharpie a little gummy, so maybe don't try that at home.)

Then again, some people dislike feet more than spiders. Here, we have something for everyone. You're welcome. Come again, any time.

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meganmushrat said...

Why is it, with two sane parents like Dad and me, who have NO problem with spiders, that all three of our kids are extremely arachnaphobic? Is this some subtle form of rebellion? Cute toenails!