Sunday, November 30, 2014


I made it. Another November with 100% posting. Amazingly, I am not all caught up, but I have done enough posting that I feel I can stay on top of things through December. We'll see though. I am known to take an ample siesta from blogging after spending 30 days attached to my computer.

Today was a perfect day to switch gears. We packed up our thankful turkeys (plus one) and put up the Christmas tree. I have some cute pictures but I am too lazy to edit them right now. Plus I am trying to watch an action movie while typing and it isn't going so well.

So I'll leave you with one more turkey. June had a book report project to make a 3D turkey. Then she answered questions and pinned them to his feathers. She removed the papers so she could keep her turkey as a decoration. I think he turned out pretty cute.

Now to go finish watching the movie with my other turkey. (Insert picture of Tyler here. Ha ha.)

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