Friday, November 14, 2014

First Snow

Robyn and I made a bet a few days ago. We were guessing when the first snow of the season would be. I guessed around the 24th, she guessed later, in December. June wanted in on the action, but I told her that she couldn't know our guesses beforehand...she guessed the 25th of November.

I wasn't aware that Tyler knew anything about our bet, or that he had made his own prediction, but then we had this conversation over chat.

I win. It's snowing, and I had the closest date: Nov 17

Doesn't count unless it sticks.

It's snowing
I win

Seriously, this is a flurry, not snow
And you weren't part of the bet, were you?
It slushed the other morning and we didn't count that.

(8 minutes later)

Adrenaline rush. Pearl's hair just caught fire.
She was leaning over a candle and one pigtail went up in flames.
No worries. I put it out as it was going out anyway. Some singed hair. Not too bad.

Okay. You probably win. It looks like the snow is sticking a little.

And we did end up with enough snow to call the bet officially. Not very deep, but it stuck.

The kids are always super excited for the first snow. The youngest ones went out to play, even though there wasn't much to play with. Daisy would scrape together a handful.

Ready, set,....


Ivory invited a friend over and they made a snowman. I dub it the best snowman a Cazier has ever made. And it was even more impressive because there was hardly any snow to work with. Check this guy out.

Very creative. Possibly the freakiest mouth I have ever seen, but I like the ingenuity.

Not the best picture of the two creators, but it will have to do.

Oh...and I really shouldn't leave you hanging on the Pearl-fire-hair story.

It pretty much happened like I described. We lit a candle on her request, and then she was happily counting next to it and leaned too close. She didn't even notice while pieces of her hair caught fire. I'm just glad that I was sitting right there. I immediately grabbed her hair to smother the flames, but it seemed to be extinguishing itself, so I didn't get burned. (In retrospect, I was impressed with myself. I had no idea that I wouldn't be burned. It was one of those mother instincts that puts a child first. I would happily have burned my hand to keep her safe.

In the end, there only seems to be some singed ends. You can't even tell by looking at her that she had a run-in with a candle. We were pretty lucky.

Happy First Snow Everyone!!


meganmushrat said...

Snow and Fire in the same post - how creative!

Unknown said...

Would it not be a good idea to ask your girl to do up her jacket for winter outdoor play?

Unknown said...
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