Monday, November 3, 2014

All Hallows

Whew. The Halloween post is always intense. There is so much to cover in one day. I am amazed at people that go all out and create spook alleys or haunted houses at their own homes. I can barely get five children dressed in costume and it is exhausting. We may as well start with costumes. It is my favorite part to see the finished product. Smallest to tallest this year. (Possibly the last year we can do this since Daisy has almost caught up to Ivory and June has almost caught up to me. I noticed today that our feet are basically the same size.)

Next year I am bound and determined to do a real photo session with the kids in good light. It seems that we only take pictures first thing in the morning when there is not good light, or right before trick-or-treating when there is not good light. Speaking of gotta start the day off right with some spooky cereal. (Yes, I am probably the last mom who buys these cereals and saves them for Halloween.)

My sister was awesome to get up early and help get kids dressed and ready. What with spraying Robyn's hair and putting tape all over June's costume, we were cutting it close. But I think Robyn's hair was the perfect touch for Rosetta.

And Ivory loved the skull and crossbones that Miranda drew for her.

Oh, and don't forget June's hair. We learned from a friend that you don't really need glue. Most candy is sticky enough that it will stay in for a while. We had to redo candy in the evening, but that peppermint in the front was really hard to get out. It was there all day.

I drove kids to school since the bus comes ridiculously early. These three are pretty cute.

The day consisted of going from school to school to watch parades and support kids. We started at one school and while we waited I sent Tyler a witchy selfie.

Finally the kids came by. Check it out. I only saw one other Izzy the entire day and she happened to be in Daisy's class. They are so cute.

After the parade I went to check out Robyn's class. They are too old to walk around the school, but they made haunted houses in science so they could work on switches and circuits. I think Robyn did an amazing job.

Here is a closeup of the Skeleton's glowing eyes.

Then we went over to the other school to catch their parade. (Maybe this whole 'two-school' thing has been good for me. After all, June would be at a different school next year regardless of advanced classes. So all the juggling is a blessing in disguise.) We were standing in the wrong spot for the parade. We saw the back of everyone. But we did call out June's name and she turned just in time. (Although she never saw us.)

After school there were a few moments to relax before we started the whole drill over again. Re-spray hair that was fading.

Re-lick and stick candy in June's hair. Who doesn't love a brat with dirty hair??

Pose on the lawn in the fading light before we are off to get more candy than we knew what to do with.

Our neighborhood kind of did a Trunk-or-Treat. I think another ward sponsored it and invited us to attend. We went because we wanted to support, but we fully planned to leave early and go trick-or-treating as usual. (Well...usual, as in we started last year and we liked it.) Can you find Nemo?

I think Ivory's sole reason for wanting to be a pirate was so that she could carry her bucket with the hook. Mission accomplished. (Although I think she said her hand had a cramp by the end of the evening.)

The Trunk-or-Treat was worth it just to see the twins from our ward dressed as old men. Awesome huh?

Then there was the moment when Nemo found Waldo, and Waldo found Nemo. It was meant to be.

There is something special about the love between a boy and his fish.

When candy was getting low, we packed up and headed home. And by home, I mean we dumped out buckets and immediately set out to fill them again. And by we, I mean Tyler and the kids, because my designated job is to stay home and hand out candy. This year, Tyler was kind enough to take a few pictures along the way. I love them.

There is a greek goddess up there in the pictures as well. Mo Mo joined us for trick-or-treating. She looked so cute. I'm sorry I don't have a better picture of her.

Miranda and I stayed home as witch sisters and dutifully filled the buckets of others.

Oooh, check out our matching spider pets.

It is possible that I ran low on candy and refilled my basket with previously plundered loot. (Sorry Ivory...I paid you back double.) Plus, the kids came home with so much candy, I'm sure a few missing pieces here or there won't matter. When they get home, the kids always go to their corner to organize.

I offered them 1 token for every 5 pieces of candy they gave me. I ended up with more candy than I bought at the store originally. I guess the ' home store' is still proper motivation.

It was mandatory for two kids to bathe before bed. June had candy and spit in her hair, so we sent her to the shower. Robyn took a bath and her tub was a grisly sight once her hair dye washed out. It looked like it was full of blood. Tyler wouldn't let me take a picture. Probably just as well. I know I am the more morbid of the two of us, but Tyler does have his moments. Like at lunch last week when he tried to turn Pearl's hot dog into a severed finger with ketchup for blood. Pearl cried for ten minutes. Way to go honey.

That, folks, is the end of Halloween for us. It was a great holiday as always. See you again soon.

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meganmushrat said...

Dad went bonkers over you and Miranda in your witch costumes - pretty classy! And he laughed and laughed about the "hot dog finger". I can hardly wait to see what the girls will come up with NEXT Halloween!