Sunday, November 2, 2014


My goal was to take the kids to a 'real' corn maze this year. I truly love Pumpkinland, but the older girls need a real challenge. I was happy to cross Pumpkinland off my list and move on. Then they were short volunteers for Daisy's class and I got roped into it....again.

Pearl naturally came along for the trip, since she is my little buddy that I take EVERYWHERE!!!

Daisy's class is looking pretty good outside the entrance. I think they are ready to tackle the maze.

I was paired up with another mom and we decided that we would find all the hidden rooms this year. I see the maze. Are you ready to solve it?

At the entrance, there was this cool squash trellis. All sorts of gourds hung in layers. Our group looks ready to do this.

Most years the maze winds around to dead ends, also know as 'hidden' rooms. They aren't too hard to find, but after all, the maze is meant for younger kids. This year, however, the rooms were actually hidden. I was super impressed. The only way you could find them was by watching the rope and finding the gaps in the line. Then you would crawl off the path into the forest of corn and eventually find a secret room. We found room #2 first.

Once we knew the trick, it wasn't too hard to find another gap and search out another room. It was so cool to wade through the ears. Look at this sneaky trail.

We found room #3.

Most groups had given up or never looked for the rooms in the first place. (I don't judge, that was me last year.) Our group continued to circle around and around the maze, but we could not discover the location of the room #1. We really tried, and I felt badly for the kids that we couldn't discover all three words for the treat at the end.

We consoled ourselves by taking pictures at the cut-outs. Daisy makes a cute bride for Frankenstein.

And Pearl is a cute spooky ghost.

The best part was that all the other groups had gone ahead, so our kids could play in relative calm. No, I lie....the best part was as I was walking through the maze, I heard the other mom talking to someone. I thought she was on her phone. Then I was startled to hear a man's voice. This was strange because everyone had left the maze by then. I was wondering what crazy guy was wandering through the maze looking for lost children!!

Oh, it was just this guy.

Turns out he knew where we were, so he took an early lunch to come say Hi. I can't complain. I always like a little extra time with Tyler, even if I may have thought he was some psycho corn maze kidnapper.

In case you were wondering, I asked about the third room as I was leaving. Apparently, the room is before you get to the entrance of the maze. Grrr.... Come on Pumpkinland. No need to get too sneaky.

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meganmushrat said...

I don't think they have decent corn mazes here in Washington. Maybe I can come visit next Halloween and go through a REAL maze. Not sure about the hidden rooms, though.