Thursday, November 13, 2014

Quirky Quips

Quote book is still picking up the odd comments. I thought it was time to share some more classic quotes from my strange family. We have saved up quite a few.


When I drive carpool, I ask a 'Question of the Day.' It is my thing. 

Mom: Question of the day: What planet would you most like to visit? And why?
Daisy: Mars! Because it's the hottest place on Earth.

I was putting jello in the fridge to set.

Mom: Yum...jigglers.
June: Don't make the cremated kind.
Mom: ?
June: I mean, the condensed milk kind.

This was said shortly after we got the Grandfather clock.

Pearl: Every time when the 'Father' goes on, it sounds like the doorbell.

Ivory and I were discussing where to go to get a treat. We were talking about ice cream and Cold Stone.

Ivory: What about Dessert Book??
Mom: What? mean Deseret Book.

Ivory came to me looking for a paper cup. She settled for a styrofoam one as that was all we had.

Ivory: We're trying to see a ghost. It doesn't involve any explosions though.

(Oh, good to know...)

Pearl looks at Robyn who is wearing shorts.

Pearl: You are half pants-ed.

Talking about a primary song...

Robyn: Mom, I don't understand. Why does it say, "In my pretty garden, the flowers are naughty?"

(Actual words: The flowers are nodding.)

I was making my shopping list and asking the girls what type of cereal they would like.

June: Oh, um...Raspberries Alive!
Mom: Strawberries Awake?
June: Oh, that sounds right.

We were getting ready to eat cinnamon rolls and June was pouring milk for Pearl.

Daisy: You might want to wait for the milk Pearl, because I bet the cinnamon rolls are really cheap. Yep, really cheap.
Mom: ? Do you mean rich?

(That is what she meant, but she still mixes up cheap and rich. Brownies are also really cheap.)

Mom: (talking to Ivory) Now that you and Daisy are so close in height, if you meet someone you don't know, they might think you are twins.
June: No they won't!!
Mom: Hello....fraternal twins.
Ivory: FraTURTLE twins? What are those?

Pearl: We would be dead by now if, you know, we were dead.

Dad: (He pointed to something on the calendar that I had scheduled) I can't do this tomorrow. I'm going to be at Round Table.
June: With Arthur?

June: Gengis Khan...wasn't he that guy who started the Ku Klux Klan?

Robyn: Mom, don't you think it's a little early to be decorating for Halloween? We haven't even had Thanksgiving yet.

I was teaching Robyn how to make Top Ramen. 

Mom: So you pour the noodles in, cook it for three minutes, and then it is done.
Robyn: What about the SNEEZonings?

We were playing a FHE trivia game that June made up. The Keen family was over. June was asking the questions.

June: What do you call the two people who make sure you are fully immersed when you are baptized?
Hannah: (whispering to her team) I's grandpas.

Dad: San Diego...that is where we went on our honeymoon.
Robyn: Didn't you go to Uranus?
Mom: The planet? No, no we did not.
Dad: We went to Snowqualmie, is that what you are thinking?
Robyn: And Uranus....?
Mom: That is a planet.
Robyn: On Earth?
Mom: Earth is a planet.
Robyn: I was sure you went to Uranus....oh, UKRAINE, right?

Speaking of how the girls are short in relation to candy bars.

Mom: Robyn is fun size, and Ivory, you are bite size.
Ivory: That is just an insultment.

June and I were reviewing the 4-square rules. In Eye of the Tiger "of the" was underlined in red meaning something was incorrect.

June: Maybe there is no space?
Mom: No. Of and the are never put together.

We click on the red line and the computer says...

Computer: Did you mean ofthe?
Mom: Wha??

Miranda was reading to Daisy.

Miranda: '...and they paid for gas and left.'
Daisy: PAID?
Miranda: Yeah. Gas is actually quite expensive.
Daisy: Well, my mom never pays.

(Since I never go inside the convenience store, she figures that I always leave without paying.)

June, Tyler, and I were talking about raw eggs. Tyler is very against eating cookie dough because of the raw eggs. I have no problems with it;. neither do the kids.

June: Cookie dough is delicious!!
(Dad looks at her dubiously.)
June: And besides, the chance of getting Salmonella is only like.....1 in 3.

(Thank goodness those aren't actual odds.)

It is always fun having kids around. They sure say the funniest things.

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meganmushrat said...

Kids say the darndest things, don't they? I want to figure out how to get gas without paying for it!