Saturday, November 8, 2014

Dolley Madison

Back in October, the fifth grade put on a wax museum. For those of you who have never been to one of these, the kids do research on a person, write up a minute or so summary on their life and achievements, memorize it, and then recite it for anyone who stops by and pushes their button.

Robyn chose Dolley Madison. Anyone heard of her? She is most famous for rescuing a portrait of George Washington from the White House when it was burned to the ground in the war of 1812.

She was married to James Madison, the fourth president of the United States. She was married before, but her first husband and one of her sons succumbed to yellow fever. Although the term 'First Lady' wasn't official for years after her death, it is said that it was first coined during Dolley's eulogy. She was quite the hostess during her husband's term and was looked to for views on current affairs even after his death.

Robyn worked hard on her summary and memorization. I took a picture of her in the classroom, but she closed her eyes. However I loved the picture because her teacher is trying to photo bomb in the background. Nice try Mr. are almost too blurry to be recognizable.

The rooms were kept dark to imitate a museum-like atmosphere, so I took Robyn outside for other pictures. She sure was fancy.

The kids were encouraged to bring props. Naturally, Robyn chose to bring the famous portrait she saved from the White House.

She drew the picture herself. I was very impressed with it. Here is a closer view. Looking good George.

I told Robyn that we should take an action picture. "Pretend like you are running from the flames!!"

Clearly Robyn has never been in an emergency situation. Or maybe she would be the comic relief.

I was very proud of her. Kids didn't have to give their 'schpeel' unless someone pressed their button. Everytime I was in the room, Robyn was giving her memorized message. She was so cute, I would have pushed her button too....even if I wasn't her mom.

All the fifth graders did a fantastic job. Pearl, Daisy (home "sick") and I toured all the rooms and listened to a lot of famous people come to life for a moment. It was pretty neat.  

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meganmushrat said...

That sounds like it might be a great party idea - if it was a big enough party. Push somebody's button and they give facts about a person, and you have to figure out which person they are. She sure looks cute as 'Dolly'.