Saturday, November 22, 2014

June's 12 Year Gallery

I just got done saying how I usually stay on top of the birthday photo shoots, and then June's somehow kept getting postponed. Mainly it is because the girl has so much stinkin' homework. Every time I thought we had a moment to go out, she would tell me she had some assignment that was due tomorrow. And then daylight savings happened and it got dark outside sooner and I couldn't seem to find a good day with enough light and no homework. (Seriously...the homework.)

So today dawned nice and gray. (Overcast skies are better light for pictures.) June was a little bummed because Saturdays are her day to wear pajamas all day. But I wasn't letting a little comfort stand in the way. I bullied her into getting dressed and we were out the door hoping to beat the inevitable rain.

June is beautiful. It is fun to go and take pictures of my kids and watch them grow and change. Enjoy my oldest who just keeps getting older...

I told June on the way out for pictures that she couldn't get older and decide that she had outgrown photo shoots. I didn't want any teenager sass in the upcoming years when I told her it was time to take pictures. She contently said if we still had a treat each time, she could probably be resigned to continue coming. Ha ha. No doubt.

We went to Kneader's. Love Kneader's. The rain started just as we were going inside. (And hasn't stopped since.) We ordered yummy goodness. I chose Peppermint Chocolate Cake, so June wouldn't share with me. (She is not a fan of anything mint.) I forgive her. She has other redeeming qualities.

p.s. I reread that and it sounds like I ordered Peppermint on purpose so that I didn't have to share. That is not the case. I was hoping to get a bite or two of June's Raspberry Pie, but she was not so generous since I had nothing delicious [in her opinion] to exchange.

p.p.s. I also looked back and have noticed that plenty of my birthday photo shoots have happened well after the birthday. Guess I am not as prompt as I like to think I am. But definitely better late than never.

p.p.p.s. Just for the record, June also had homework today, but I ignored it like any good mom would who wanted to steal her daughter away for quality bonding.

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meganmushrat said...

I am delighted to find that SOMEONE in our family doesn't like mint, since neither Dad or me do - and all our kids (even Tim) love it. Yeah June!