Wednesday, November 26, 2014


The Young Women have an evening each year called 'Young Women in Excellence.' They showcase  projects and experiences finished in Personal Progress. Personal Progress is not new to me--we did it back when I was young. But they certainly have changed a lot of the program. Now there are ten hour projects that need to be completed for each value. (Yes, I'm assuming at the moment that my readers have some previous knowledge of many things LDS. If you don't have any clue what I am talking about, just nod politely and continue reading. You don't really need to know all the details.)

June has been in Young Women's for a total of two months, not nearly enough time to have finished the multiple experiences that lead up to starting a ten hour project. But any contribution is applauded on this special evening. It is quite a fancy affair. They rolled out a red carpet and made cute decorations.

They had a table for each value. June did her small (not ten hours) project in Divine Nature. She read some talks, asked me what characteristics are important for Motherhood and then she practiced patience for a couple weeks. Here she is being cute. And yes, she kind of lives in that mint hoody right now. It is definitely 'red carpet' material.

Here is June with some of her cute friends.

Next year I expect she will have some projects to show off, but for now I am content to enjoy even her small achievements.

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meganmushrat said...

Does it make you feel old to have a daughter in Young Women? In addition to being proud, of course!