Wednesday, November 19, 2014

I Sense a Trend

About a month ago I went into Daisy's classroom to drop off her piano bag. Her teacher was in the middle of a small group lesson, but she stopped and jumped over a desk saying that she needed to speak with me. She told me that Daisy couldn't see. Daisy's desk had been in the back of the classroom, but after mentioning that she couldn't see the board, the teacher had moved her to the front. It seemed to be helping some.

I wasn't terribly surprised by this news since we already have three kids who wear glasses. I filed away the information for future use.

Just a week ago, I was subbing in the library and I had forgotten to tell Daisy to meet me there after school, so I popped into her classroom. Her teacher was again in the middle of a lesson and she halted everything again to run over and talk to me. "Daisy can't see," she said with more emphasis this time., you wanted me to do something about that??

Apparently books held more than an arms length away were incomprehensible to her. I got the message, although it did seem to take longer than necessary to filter to the action center of my brain. But once it got there, I sprang into action.

That very day, I took her in for an eye exam. And although I am not surprised she needed glasses, I was a little surprised at how bad her eyes seem to be. Ivory is very nearsighted, and I'm pretty sure Daisy's eyes are comparable or maybe a tad more so. And she is the youngest to get glasses. Granted, by only a few months, but still the youngest.

Daisy is thrilled. In the Cazier household, it seems to no longer be a question of if you will get glasses, but when you will get glasses, and Daisy has joined the ranks of those with spectacles.

I let her get a special case for her glasses. Dare I hope that this will help my most forgetful child to remember where her second set of eyes are?

She is so adorable, it is hard to be sad that she needs glasses. And I tell myself that there is a surgery that can help the kids if they would like to chose that option in the future. Daisy's first problem so far seems to be that she doesn't have enough nose for the glasses to rest on. Not much bridge there.

Her second problem is that she is going to get mixed up with Ivory for sure. This evening, even I got confused. Daisy was talking to me, but when I looked out of the corner of my eye, I thought it was Ivory. Even before I rotated this picture, I thought it was Ivory.

There are definitely differences between these two, but sometimes I feel like they are just two peas in a pod.

The third problem is that we have gone to the same place to get all our glasses, and we are running out of unique styles for the kids to wear. So Daisy got the same pair as Robyn. Let's hope they don't get them confused.

I sure love all my girls. (Even the one without glasses.)

Even if Tyler and I seem to be passing down some genetic eye alterations, I still think those eyes turned out beautifully.

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meganmushrat said...

Well, I would certainly prefer to see all my kids in glasses than wearing hearing aids! And they look pretty cute in them too. So how long before you get Pearl checked out ...?