Friday, November 21, 2014

Changing Colors

Some days I don't feel like writing. Some days things seem harder. This is one of those days. I have happy, fun things to blog about, but I am not in that kind of mood.

So, I'll tell you about my roses.

First off, they aren't really MY roses. They came with the house. They seem to grow like crazy, and I keep trimming them back. Oddly, they seem to do better after a trim. (I'm sure there is some great analogy to life there.) I should mention that I have no experience with roses. I am just happy that I haven't managed to kill them yet. (There is still time.)

I think they bloom all summer. At least, I have seen them bloom in June, and I have seen them bloom in October. (That is a little beyond summer actually, but October was super nice this year.)

What I find most amazing is that they change color. I really thought roses came in one color. I mean, I know they come in all different colors, but if you had red roses, they were red roses. Or maybe you had white roses, and they would be white.

Mine, however start in this lovely orange yellow shade and then change to a magenta pink. If you don't believe me, I have a picture here. They bloomed at different times, but the bottom pink one started out just like the one on top originally.

Both colors are stunning. Both beautiful. Change doesn't have to be awful. It doesn't mean we have to like it. But I guess we can look for the good in it, and we can change too. And like the roses we can go from one shade of brilliant to another shade. We don't have to be dull.


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meganmushrat said...

Beautiful flowers. I didn't know about the changing color in roses either. See, you're never too old to learn something.