Saturday, November 29, 2014

Blackedy Black Friday

Last year was much less crazy in the shopping department on Black Friday and I chalked it up to more online shopping and, of course, the fact that many of the stores opened the day before, on Thanksgiving.

This year was the same story. We gals didn't leave until seven a.m., crowds were minimal, and lines were almost non-existent. Granted, we weren't after any of the 'hot' items. I did hear of check-out lines in Best Buy circling the store. One lady said a man came by saying if you bought a printer, he would move you right to the front of the line. She gladly accepted his offer, bypassing hundreds of people. (She plans on returning the printer...that seems kind of shady to me, but I have never been a very devious shopper.)

I was done with most of my shopping already, but I still found a few great deals for the kids. Also a toy for mom and dad, but I can't tell you about that yet. (Gotta keep Christmas presents a secret.)

The kids had a relaxing day as well. Dressing up is a common past time at Grandma's. Guess which kid?

This one is a little easier to guess.

Nothing like breakfast as a princess.

Later, Grandma talked us girls into trying something new she found at the fair. It is lipstick that dyes your lips so it doesn't come off when you kiss someone. (Or on a glass, etc.) It is quite the process putting it on. You have to stretch your lips so the dye can get into all the cracks and crevices.

Then you have to put on three coats and then some gloss. End result is some pretty vibrant lips. Yow!!

Not sure if it is quite my style, but it was fun to try something new. Jami declined the added color. Kat looked rather striking with her dark lips. We all went out to lunch and had a great time. I really like going out with the girls.

Games were played by all. On Thanksgiving KJ had this amazing roll in Farkle. He started the game with a roll of 7100. The goal is to get to 10,000, so naturally he smoked us all.

We played lots of chicken-foot dominoes, and we introduced the boys to Mao.

We ended the evening with throwing all the kids into the suds-mobile. (Apparently they were out of bubble bath, so Grandma used dish soap.)

Check out the frosted Daisy.

It was a great weekend. We always love to spend time with Jami, Kat, Kolby, JR, and all the cousins. I told Tyler today that we needed to get a picture of each family before we left. He dutifully dragged everyone outside for a picture. Kolby's family was up first. Tyler made a mistake I make all the time and he didn't check the camera settings. I give you Cazier's in a snowstorm.

Some might call it a REALLY blown out photo. I tried to darken it up, but sometimes there isn't much to darken.

Tyler redeemed himself by taking very nice photos of JR's family.

Cameras are tricky things. I have a hard time blaming anyone for not taking a perfect picture because I mess it up all the time. Plus, if the settings are shallow, it is hard to get everyone in focus. JR tried here, but didn't quite make it.

I took my turn behind the camera. My only goal was to get Dad to smile. I almost got him...

 Goodbye for now Idaho and family. Every time we come there are laughs and love waiting for us. Thank you for being so awesome!!

p.s. That was Daisy up there. Almost forgot to mention that.

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