Saturday, March 22, 2014

Socks: I'm on the Fence

I HATE socks. I hate that there is never a match when you need one. I hate that they get holes so quickly. I hate that my kids take them off everywhere and then never claim them. (Hey, whose socks are these...{crickets chirp}...okay, I'll put them in the laundry hamper, AGAIN.) Do I sound bitter? Perhaps.

I LOVE socks when my feeties are cold. I love that they don't have to match. (Since really, the only one who wears matching socks around here is Tyler since his are all black.) I love that they keep kids feet from smelling more than is bearable. I love that my kids wear pretty dresses to church and then ridiculous socks with them. (No one looks at your feet anyway, right? Wrong.)

Ugh. Socks...I really do hate them. But they are useful. Like when Robyn and I went rollerblading yesterday. Quick tangent ---- she is getting really good at rollerblading. I looked like the biggest fuddy duddy next to her. I didn't fall down or anything, but she could skate circles around me. We did races. And by races, I mean that we would pick a finish line and I would skate in a straight line towards it. She on the other hand (on my command) would have to make a significant detour around multiple objects and she still would get to the finish line first. Pathetic. ---- I haven't been rollerblading in a long time. I remembered that my ankles were sore last time (when I was 13 or so) but what I did not recall was the proper attire. The top of the blades rubbed my skin RAW on my lower calf. Sadly, I almost grabbed knee socks on the way out the door, but I didn't. Socks!!! Why weren't you there for me? Is it because you felt I needed to learn a lesson. Okay, FINE.  I KNOW I need you. Can't we agree to disagree, or something like that?

Recently, I was out shopping for something (memory fails me) and I was in Old Navy. I suddenly remembered that it is the blessed month when we buy our flip flops. HEAVENLY flip flops. But I was just too lazy to get back over there with all the kids. But don't you worry. Online shopping came to my rescue. I went to and brought each kid over to the computer individually. They scanned through the designs and selected the one they wanted. (Out of the cheap ones. Flips flops must be under $5 and preferably $2.50) It was really quite fun. I shopped for myself and bought (gasp) boys sandals because I loved the design.

They came in the mail, and angels sang as I opened the box. Aren't they lovely?

Funny, how my flops aren't much bigger than the ones nearby. This is nice because when I can't find mine and I need to run out to check the mail, it is easy to snag someone else's. However, this also means that sometimes the reason I can't find mine in the first place is because someone is wearing them. You can't win them all.

And yes, I know socks will still be there, under the couch, by the computer, stuffed in odd places, but I also know that there will be less of them. Now we just have to get past the tricky spring weather. You know, the kind where it looks really warm outside so you wear flip flops and then you come back inside with blue toes?

Mother are such a tease. I bet your BFF is socks.

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