Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm guessing she will always have a soft spot for elephants

Another book report came and went this month. It is so interesting how things change over time. When June was in second grade, there wasn't much competing with her homework. We would spend extra time on projects together. Now Ivory is in second grade, and I will freely admit that there were so many other things happening this month, that I completely spaced her project until the day it was due. And not like the 'where you remember first thing in the morning and get it done quickly.' No, more like the 'I was sitting somewhere in the afternoon and someone mentioned the date and little bells went off in my head and I suddenly remembered that we hadn't even started a book for a project that should have been turned in several hours ago.' Awesome.

I went home and put the book and her project paper on the table so I could remind her first thing when she got home.

She dutifully went to work and happily told me that her teacher had been absent that day, so not everyone turned in the assignment. (I guess that does make me feel a little better.)

When June did the project, I helped quite a bit. But with Ivory, I just gave her paper and told her to go to town. Maybe I should have given proportion suggestions. When I walked past the table, I was startled by the SIZE of her artwork. (Mainly because I had to stuff the thing, and I didn't know how much fiberfill I had lying around.) But I was happy that it was all Ivory's drawing and coloring. I think she did a fantastic job.

Only two months of school left. I can do this. Most of the big projects should be behind us, right? June has been fabulous at doing her own work this year. She uses the internet, she asks for the occasional advice, but I am a bystander for most of it. (Unless you count the science fair, but I still made her do most of that project. Oh, and unless you count the constant nagging. I don't help with the projects, but I am definitely the organization police.) Robyn just doesn't seem to have a lot of projects, or I am woefully unaware of them. There was a cloud project that I helped her with (because she was using my camera) but she did the bulk of the work. (I am much more cloud-savvy than before and I would call that a success. The only hiccup was that Robyn forgot her project and I had to deliver it on the day it was due. But in comparison to the dozens of times I have taken June's forgotten lunch, that is nothing.) There was that big project back in December that I never blogged about...

Okay, I have my topic for tomorrow. And stay tuned for some selfies.

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meganmushrat said...

Now I know who to give the elephants to!